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10 Tips To Get More Streams & Followers On Spotify

1. Submit your music to playlist curators Today, a sufficient amount of popular curator playlists can break an artist or a song. It’s one of the keys to promote your music and have a stronger presence. To get your music featured on curator playlist, check out our 10 Spotify playlist curators you can submit for free to begin with. Plus our curation team is always looking for new music to update our Spotify Playlists. If you have a track, a new release or an EP that’s perfect for one of them, please submit to your desired Playlist on our Submission page. 2. Create your own playlist

Do it yourself ! The simplest way to get more streams and gain followers is to start building your own playlists. Be active, creative and manage your own personal playlists around your releases. Most importantly, it allows you to trade your tracks with other curators, share your music and increase your presence : it’s a win-win situation.

3. Build your image

Have a strong “Brand” image is essential, on Spotify but especially on social media. It’s a showcase for your music and an effective way to build your identity. Get verified on Spotify as an Artist, and present your graphic charter/press pics for a slick looking profile.

4. Contact Music Blogs

Good thing you’re sharing : now we can’t all acknowledge 10 000 engaged friends willing to listen your music from day one. You might also want to reach out to new audiences and convert them as fans. Music blogs are a best way to do that, if your music covered on a blog, it’s guaranteed to be seen by people who already like the genre. On SubmitHub for example, prepare a good promo package, with a press release, press shots, your bio, and obviously your song.

5. Support artists and their work

Sharing is helping. Don’t hesitate to support and share other artists’ tracks/playlists: LET THEM KNOW. Also, following artists you like is an other way to help your fans discover the music you’re into.

6. Promote to Labels

Today, Record Labels often have playlists on Spotify. Contact them with their submission link, on socials or by email. On top of that, they can be interested in signing your next tracks, and it’s a good way to build up a relationship with them.

7. Use Emails

Your email list is an extremely valuable tool to promote your music. Progressively, your mailing list will grow, and you can build a strategy around it, offering something exclusive (a spotify pre-save, an alternate version of a song, or an anticipated announcement, for example).

8. Share your Spotify links... everywhere !

If you have a website, take the opportunity to get more streams : add embed players links, “Follow” buttons, QR Codes (Spotify Codes)… All related to Spotify ! For more infos, you can check the Spotify Developer.

9. Ask your distributor for help

Often forgetten, in case you run a Record Label asking your distribution is always a good thing. The more involved they will be, the better the chance to see results, no matter the Streaming Platform. Among the huge amount of releases one distribution company delivers in a day, they’re very often consulted by Spotify on relevant ones to feature. This is actually one of the key assets to raise when picking a digital distributor.

10. Be patient !

Don’t worry, success isn’t easy and can’t be achieved overnight. It’s important to stay active, release great music, and engage with your audience. The rest will come naturally !


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