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10 Worst Albums Of 2021

Before going to the best of the best, we're going to finalize the worst of the worst. Here we are with 10 albums that I considered to be some of the worst that I have listened to this year. Before you see the list, this is my opinion. If you enjoy any of these albums, kudos to you...but I don't enjoy these albums.

10.Logic-Bobby Tarantino III

After "retiring" from the rap game, Logic decided to come back...less than a year later. With that being said, he should've stayed in retirement. "No Pressure" was probably his best album as it has great production, solid bars and good versatility. This on the other hand is the boring generic trap that the Bobby Tarantino mixtapes are known to have. He doesn't even outdo the original Bobby Tarantinos. This album was pretty bad.

Month Of Release:July

Label:Def Jam

Genres:Hip Hop

9.Pop Smoke-Faith

For starters, RIP Pop Smoke. I actually enjoyed his music quite a bit. Songs like "Shake The Room" and "Impossible" are trap bangers and his Drill influenced sound was not only influential but really well done with his smoky voice and signature flow. When his posthumous album came out, I wasn't for the hype. I understand his leaning towards a commercial sound but it sounds incomplete despite not being his fault. This album not only follows the in cohesiveness, but buries Pop Smokes actual sound in the dirt until its decaying. This is just a forgettable trap record with forgettable features, beats and even forgettable flows. Lets hope everyone forgets about this when approaching 2022.

Month Of Release:July



8.Justin Bieber-Justice

you know its albums like this that make me questions Justin Bieber long relevancy. Bieber is continuing to prove that he is no longer that kid more and more to the point where he makes an unintentionally pretentious, cliche, derivative and predictable pop album. The only song that was somewhat enjoyable was "Peaches" and even then, that song got overplayed to the ground. Also, what the fuck is up with those MLK interludes....they make Justin look narcissistic as well as preachy. To this point...I dont see any day that Justin Bieber will release an above average album at this point...lets hope that changes soon.

Month Of Release:March

Label:Def Jam

Genres:Pop,Contemporary R&B

7.Ed Sheeran-=

I've always had a soft spot for Ed Sheeran but not for his music. I always thought he would be a cool, quirky dude to be around and a cool dude to have a drink or two with. It doesnt distract the fact that his music is pretty bad. Its not like Justin Bieber where the music makes you feel like "what the hell is this?" this is more of a "lmao this shit ass" kind of thing. You can't really take this album seriously when talking about it critically. Its just bad and most people can agree.

Month Of Release:October



6.Trippie Redd & Travis Barker-NEON SHARK Vs Pegasus

To give credit where its due...this album cover is dope as hell. Also, Travis Barker comes with some nice drum fills too. Other than that, this another deluxe album that is just another album entirely. This album was so bad that I refused to do a double review with Pegasus. Terrible features, overblown mixing as well as generic pop punk cliches is just the recipe for disaster. It's almost as bad as the MGK record that came out last year. Its that bad.

Month Of Release:February


Genres:Punk Rock

5.Drake-Certified Lover Boy

This....this hurts. I dont know if its maturity or Drake just always chasing a trendy sound, but Drake used to make some great music. Its honestly been around 6 years since ive actually enjoyed a Drake project. Remember when I talked about my reactions to the Justin Bieber album and Ed Sheeran album comparatively couple spots ago? Well this is both reactions. A lot of people give this album a pass because "it's just the Drake we know and love" when as a matter of fact, this album is the watered down version of Drake with worse production and stylistic choices. bad features, bad flows and humdrum track flow. This has to be one of the worst albums and album rollouts of 2021.

Month Of Release:September


Genres:Pop Rap,Trap

4.DJ Khaled-Khaled Khaled

Its a DJ Khaled album....enough said

Month Of Release:April

Label:We The Best

Genres:Pop Rap,Contemporary R&B,Trap

3.Hobo Johnson-The Revenge Of Hobo Johnson

In 2021, I was introduced to the music of Hobo Johnson. Got what a mistake that was. This thing was awful. Terrible statements, gross imagery and terrible production are all featured on this album. The delivery that Hobo Johnson brings is also annoying. He reminds me of one of those kids that you don't like being around and to prevent yourself from being mean, you just have to walk away. He makes it blaitantly clear how annoying he honestly he couldn't get any worse.

Month Of Release:June



2.Hobo Johnson-Hobo Johnson Alienates His Fanbase

Well.....I stand corrected.

Month Of Release:August


Genres:Abstract Hip Hop

1.Tones and I-Welcome To The Madhouse

With this album...we have a project that has no redeeming or promising quality whatsoever. You could say Drake occasionally creates catchy songs like "Knife Talk" and "Way 2 Sexy". You can say Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran make some high charting hits that have the ability for staying power and hell you can say that Hobo Johnson brought something completely new to the table. This album on the other hand is unoriginal, annoying and produced awfully. This whole entire album makes "Dance Monkey" sound like a nostalgic dance banger but in all actuality, the song itself fucking sucks. Well...lets hope Tones and I at least can make an improvement with her next album.


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