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15 Worst Songs Of 2021

It is now time to get into the actual lists this time. Starting with the Worst Songs of 2021. With this being a pretty good year for music, I will have no hesitancy to start off with some of the worst, before getting to the best. So here we are, get some popcorn and enjoy the madness.

15.BTS-Permission to Dance

If you remember, I did a track review of this song in my #1 Hits series and it got the worst score F. The reason is because there is no standout qualities to this whatsoever and it perplexes me how this track went #1. Its not even that I straight up DISLIKE BTS because I think they create some catchy enough songs, but this track is one of the most forgettable #1 hits ive ever heard without question.

14.Denzel Curry-Bad Luck

The time is finally here...Denzel Curry finally released a bad song, and a very bad one in fact. This track isn't bad because of how forgettable it is, but its kind of hilarious. Its supposed to be this rap/punk crossover and it just far away from sounding good or aggressive. Like....what the hell is this delivery? This beat is also hilarious as the drum pattern is more like a dance punk beat. These deliveries are also awful and the mix is cluttered in the worst way possible. Like what the hell is this? Hopefully you know more than me.

13.Guns N Roses-ABSUЯD

What the hell is Guns N Roses on? This YEYE ass guitar riff and the horrible vocal performance and mix as well as some of the cringiest GNR lyrics. The generic 80s rock guitar solos and everything surrounding's terrible and indeed...ABSUЯD.

12.Corey Feldman-Rockin Revolution

This is as tacky as the album cover. This is what it would sound like if you had to make an AC/DC track, only using MIDI tracks and Stock plugins. What I will give to Corey is that he's a chameleon because he is able to do different musical stylings but none of them....come out....good. Corey Feldman doesn't come out with a Rocking revolution, he comes out with a song that just sounds like what Dad Rock sounds like to middle schoolers....but even worse.

11.Hobo Johnson-I Want To See The World

It wasn't a good year for Hobo Johnson.....This song literally sounds like putting Trap Drums on an experimental open mic night act. Also...."seeing Memphis" because "thats where MLK got killed", is not a good rep. Hobo Johnson is just an annoying artist and this album is the epitome of his aggravating style. Please tell me that not all Sacramento Kings fans are like this...please!!!


Literally just another over commercial 6ix9ine track with a generic ass trap beat. Also, How many times does 6ix9ine have to say "stupid" or "dumb" on a track? He says the same stuff over and over again and it wasn't like that style was any good either...hes just not making good music anytime soon.

9.Tramp Stamps-Id Rather Die

This song isn't terrible mixed or anything, but its more that its a terrible pop-punk track which is an anti-straight white male track. Like what the hell is this? Honestly, if a straight white male made a song about hating straight white women, naming stereotypical straight white female names and talking about never wanting to have sex because they're on their period or they never shave would sound misogynistic and rude. This is the complete 360 of this...not 180...360. Also, the vocal delivery and chord progression is just taking the stereotypical pop punk cliches and adding autotune to it.

8.Eric Clapton-This Has Gotta Stop

To give credit where its due...Clapton can still sing and play guitar but he surely cant write anymore. This is literally an anti-COVID song. or not, millions have died from this shit and this is just some close minded blues pop song with a terrible message to it. Hell...even the instrumental sounds close is that even possible? Like, even with the lyrics out of the picture, the instrumental is super generic and bland as it just sounds like some random 1000 play song from your family friend who decided to make an EP. Clapton....your BS has to stop.

7.Tones and I-Won't Sleep

From the annoying boomwacker instrumental to the annoying vocal performance, this track is awful. Its actually kind of funny because if I had to choose, this is the most tolerable track on the album because the outro is kinda unique but the original core of the track is annoying and degrading. If you've seen my Tones and I review, you know how I feel about this album....this song just goes along with it.

6.Oliver Tree-Life Goes On

I never took Oliver Tree seriously. He surely has a funny gimmick, but this hook is one of the most annoying things to hit 2021. I feel extremely bad for the engineers for having to listen to this song "On and on and on". The hook alone is an ear sore but the verses dont do anything to help the track in any way.

5.Danny Brown-Man Sitting In The Whitehouse

I know what you're thinking....Why is Danny Brown on this list? Well...this isn't Danny Brown...well not the one you know. This is an Elvis sounding Trump supporter that so happened to have the same name as hip hops favorite oddball. Its so funny because this is literally the complete opposite of the other Danny Browns music. Straightforward, poorly mixed country music with a societal message that right to the point.

4.Kid Rock-Don't Tell Me How To Live

First off..What is this instrumental? This track actually sounds like the anthem to Ford Truck Week...not Ford Truck Month....Ford Truck Week. It sounds like a TikTok video that said..."What If Rage Against The Machine was Right Wing". Also....this album cover is hilariously tacky. Kid Rock....please stop. Literally live how you want to live....but don't tell us how you don't want to be told how to live. We don't care.

3.Masked Wolf-Astronaut In The Ocean

Ok...I have a question for you. "What you know about rollin' down in the deep?". Everyone has heard that in 2021 and I know it came out in 2019, but it blew up in 2021 and it seems necessary to add it anyway. The track is just that bad. Every time I hear "What you know about", it just makes me cringe more and more. Everyone knows how bad this song is but its still somehow everywhere.


It never goes right when someone sounds derivative towards an artist who sounds derivative in the first place. This is what I think about this track. It sounds like a Kid Laroi track and if you know me...I can't stand Tha Kid Laroi's music. It doesn't help that this comes from some Minecraft YouTuber because everybody knows that Youtube and rap just doesnt mesh unless you're someone like Quadeca or ERB. I dont know that much about Dream's Youtube style but he's playing Minecraft this whole time...he's surrounded by good music. It got so bad that the music video was deleted. I can see why

1.Walker Hayes-Fancy Like

At number one...we have the track that resembles everything wrong with Country music..."Fancy Like". The feaux-rock riffs in the beginning, the basic chord progression as well, as the terrible 808s and drums on this track. Who takes this track seriously? Im telling you this track fucking SUCKS!!!! I like country dont get me wrong. Some great country releases came out this year, but a track like this makes those albums become overlooked because "its country" and theres a lot of people in my area that just eliminate country entirely because of songs like these. With that being said....thanks Walker Hayes...for ruining countries perception even more than it already was.

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