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25 Producers You Should Listen to PRESENTED by OUT THE BOX

This list consist of our favorite Lofi, Electronic, and Hip Hop producers via submissions* In no particular order* Submit at 247OTB.COM

25. Strong.AL&

The lofi Hip hop producer has been creating some noise with great beats like "Day Dream" and "Gipsy" with over 6000 monthly listeners. The guitarist/pianist is self taught! Listen to his most recent track "Outside the box" below

24. Yung MK

Creating a mix of melodic lofi beats with creative smaples. He is one of the most submitted artist on 247OTB.COM. One of our favorite upcoming producers. Check out his latest "Garcon Calme"

23. BrokeBoi

Deeply influenced by soulful samples and vert creative guitar and piano samples you get a wide variety of sounds. With over 1500 monthly listeners, He has a lot in store. Check out "Moment" Below

22. Woodville

Producer from Manchester, UK. Is a multi instrumentalist and songwriter. With great tracks like "Romeo's Interlude" and "This Life". With over 160,000 monthly listeners. Listen to his latest single "Feels Like Rain"

21. M.U.S.I

Lofi Beatmaker from Poland is just getting started with earliest release coming in 2020. With just under 1000 listeners he is slowly rising with infectious beats. Listen to "Drunk Shopping" Below

20. Beatmund Noise

Producer from Austria is creating a lot of great sounds accumulating over 10,000 monthly listeners. One of our most submitted lofi producers on Listen to "Away We Go" Below

19. Some Tones

Producer from Panama, has a very unique style of lofi sounds with dope drums. Stay up to date on his latest release "Please Dont Kill My Vibe

18. Asouni

Has a very diverse sound. Some beats being very upbeat and some tunes being lofi and melancholy. Accumulated over 15,000 monthly listeners. Listen to "Locked Out" Below

17. Scoville

One of our favorite upcoming producers witha very diverse set of skills. Exeptional guitar and piano skills. He released an amazing ep "Wavy" which featured some very impressive beats. Stay Tuned for more upcoming projects. Listen to single, "Dream a Little Dream" Below

16. Trip Home

The production duo is widely influnced by Frank Ocean, Atwood, and Sewerperson. They find there production style in lofi, r&B, and indie. Listen their latest single, "Dialtone" Below

15. B-Funk

The Los Angeles born artist/producer fuses funky synthesizers, atmospheric bells, and West Coast Hip Hop to create a very original sound. Check out his latest project "Stratosphere" Below

14. 7&Nine

French Producer, inspired by JDilla, Curtis Mayfield, and Herbie Hancock. With over 150,000 monthly streams he is doing great things. Listen to his latest single, "Cap Ferret" Below

13. kyros

Producer from Spain has a great ear for samples and combining strong drums. One of our most submitted producers on Stay tuned for more! Check out his latest project, "Pandemonium" Below

12. RSR Beats

Brazilian Producer creates all of his beats through his iphone using gargeband via ios. He combines natural elements with nostalgic samples. He is featured on These Days... by OUT THE BOX. Totally almost 40,000 monthly listeners. Listen to "Nishikigoi" Below

11. GhostDawg

The self made producer, composer, multi instrumentalist is creating powerful beats. Influenced by jazz, loFi, house, and funk. Check out his discography filed with groovy chord progressions. With almost 6000 monthly listeners. check out "Peanut Butter" Below

10. Otysee

Talented musician with skills with the classic guitar, drums, and the keys. With a great 2020 releasing a ton of projects and singles. Look forward to more music soon! Listen to "Tokyo Down" Below

9. Rainy Day Lofi

Producer based out of Brooklyn, NY makes chill and ambient instrumentals for studying, sleeping, and relaxing. He is featured on These Days... by OUT THE BOX. Listen to his newest single "Out of Place" below

8. Selfish Limbs

One of our favorite experimental producers uses a ton of unique soundscapes and textures to craft some beats like you have never heard before. Listen to is project, "Beats to Beat Isolation" below

7. Strychnine

Producer is creating chill tunes and sad bangers with a diverse catalogue of beats! He is one of the most submitted artist at 247OTB.COM. Stay tuned for more songs coming. Listen to his new single "I'm hurt" Below

6. [dis]connected

Producer from Southern Calfornia, creates beautiful beats with creative piano and guitar melodies. Incorporating experiemental sounds in some of his tracks. He has over 1800 listeners growing at a fast past! Listen to his new single below



Oct 19, 2020

Thanks again! You guys rock!


New single called lie to me out also


Check out my link above



I want to get on the list! How do I get on it!

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