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5 Smart Ways To Increase Your Spotify Monthly Listeners

1. Playlist are very important

Spotify does a great job implementing playlist in its app interface. On top of that with billions of daily listeners being a part of multiple playlist gives you a great opportunity to build how many people listen to your song daily.

Follow brands who have multiple playlist and followers who listen frequently

- Submit your music to blogs! Read the article below to see our favorite blogs to submit to

-Check on social media for influence's creating playlist! Pitch your best work!

-Create your own artist playlist comprised of your best songs

2. Share on every social network and other online platforms

The goal is to get as many different listeners as possible! The more people that listen gives you a better chance to earn fans and followers! Take advantage of all social platforms.

On all platforms you can create engaging post




Take advantage of the photo/video button and write an engaging post!

Create content to attract viewers and keep them entertained. Create music videos, Lyric Videos or more engaging content!

3. Release Content monthly/weekly

Keep your fans happy! If you release a single every month you will keep your fans engaged and excited for more music!

- Once someone "follows" you on Spotify,

- Fans will be then notified every time you release new song or project from Spotify in each users unique "Release Rader" which consist of your favorite and followed artist

Figure out your strategy to releasing new music. For example, if you have a 10 song project you can release a song every week. Or once a month leading up to the release of your project. Be strategic!

4. Use Spotify Promo Tools Smartly

Take advantage of all the ways you can share your music on spotify!

With their many different sharing options learn how to best share you music.


With this feature you can upload

your song/album/playlist to your own website like this example shown below. You just copy and past "embed code" into your site.

-Share Link

On any website that allows you to share links you can take advantage of the "Copy Album Link" or "Copy Song Link". A technique many users use is called "Spamming" where you post your links in comment sections, review boards, or blog sites. We wouldn't recommend using this technique because it could turn off many potential fans but it could be useful if used in the proper context

5. Build a network, engage and follow

- Connect with other artist and producers through social platforms

*Platforms like 247OTB.COM has a forum dedicated to connecting artist and producers for the oppurtunity of collaboration along with playlist sharing! For example, If you are a hip hop artist you can connect with a blogger who has their "top songs of the month" playlist. Stay connected with like minded group of people

- Chat with fans and offer them a unique experience

*Get interviews and write ups from blogs for your upcoming single/album.

*Need an article or interview? Try our promotion service with very affordable interview and social media marketing prices Promotion by OUT THE BOX

*Create groups, create merchandise, create personal website, set a tour, have live shows. create new interesting ideas to promote your music!

- Once you have dedicated listeners you must create your own playlist filed with all of your songs

- Create content as frequently as possible but don't become predictable


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