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50 Best Albums Of 2021

To finalize the lists, we have the list that I've been working on the longest. The Top 50 Albums of 2021. I love this section the most because it really represents who I am as a writer, I'm mainly an album reviewer. I love albums so much because its really a good way to introduce an artist to yourself. You can hear in the variety of tracks how much or little you can listen to a said artist. With this year, I would like to share 50 albums that made me appreciate an artist more/go back to an artist more. Without further ado, let's get into it.

50.King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

To start it off, we have the album that ended off King Gizzard's microtonal trilogy. King Gizzard proposes more microtonal ideas while sticking to their typical Psych Rock sound. Using more progressive structures and less raw structure, they sound less like a desert and more like a pyramid.

Month Of Release:February


Genres:Psychedelic Rock

For Fans Of:Pink Floyd (Early),Iron Butterfly,Grateful Dead

49.King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard-Butterfly 3000

Not to mention that their follow up album was also super fun. The electronic psych pop project from King Gizzard turned out to be a really cool venture. Instead of taking so much vintage sounds, they focus on whats trendy in Australia using a lot of linear synth rock approaches to it. It also sounds like one wholistic experience more than a collection of songs too which is always a plus.

Month Of Release:June


Genres:Neo-Psychedelia,Psychedelic Pop,Synthpop

For Fans Of:Tame Impala,Of Montreal,Animal Collective

48.illuminati hotties-Let Me Do One More

This album was a great introduction to a good indie rock project. Sarah and the gang prove that they can make a fun indie rock project while being versatile as well. Songs like "Pool Hopping" and "Cheap Shoes" shows how much fun this album can be and the closer for the album can show that they can get personal too.

Month Of Release:October


Genres:Indie Rock

For Fans Of:Vampire Weekend,The Walkmen,Pheonix

47.The Killers-Pressure Machine

The Killers decided that 2021 was going to be no bullshit for them as they drop their most ambitious and serious sounding album yet. Pressure Machine is a concept album about Brandon Flowers' hometown while the music itself is an overt worship of Bruce Springsteen. As a person who likes concept albums done well and for a person who likes Springsteen, this album was right up my alley but I assure you that there are people who would love this even more than I would.

Month Of Release:August


Genres:Heartland Rock

For Fans Of:Bruce Springsteen,Tom Petty,Pheobe Bridgers

46.Madlib-Sound Ancestors

Madlib rarely disappoints. This is a psychedelic and dense instrumental hip hop album from the one and only Otis Jackson and there is elements of trip hop, spiritual jazz and psychedelic rock to create one eclectic instrumental tape. The experience is more cohesive than your usual Madlib tape and Four Sets contribution makes it more atmospheric and ethereal. Madlib continues to be one of hip hops most consistent producers to this day.

Month Of Release:January

Label:Madlib Invasion

Genre:Instrumental Hip Hop

For Fans Of:MF DOOM,Nujabes,J Dilla

45.Weezer-OK Human

Its a rarity when Weezer drops a great album and this is one of those times. Weezer dont completely change their style, but they take a chamber orchestra to make some very cinematic sounding pop with a Weezer twist. Rivers Cuomo showcases more of his unique songwriting talent and its complimented really well with the immaculate production.

Month Of Release:January


Genre:Chamber Pop,Pop Rock,Baroque Pop

For Fans Of:Belle and Sebastian,Father John Misty,The Beach Boys

44.Billie Eilish-Happier Than Ever

Billie and FINNEAS showcase to us once again how different the are in comparison to the rest of the pop world. FINNEAS' unique production style mixed with Billies relatable, dark and sparse lyrics make this album a staple in Gen Z aesthetics. Songs like "I Didn't Change My Number" and "Oxytocin" show how unique their aggressive tracks are and songs like "my future" and "your power" show what Billie can do with minimal production. Billie is still someone to look out for

Month Of Release:July



For Fans Of:Halsey,Rex Orange County,The Weeknd

43.Taylor Swift-Fearless (Taylor's Version)

When Taylor released Fearless, she was abused by her label as the well-crafted album became overproduced. The lyrics were also lacking relatability to most people as it mainly connects to female teenagers. 13 years later, she releases the album with the right treatment supporting it. Taylor also releases tracks from the vault that added more flavor to the tracks that were already known. Honestly, this album was the album that we should've heard all along.

Month Of Release:April


Genre:Country Pop,Pop Rock,Teen Pop

For Fans Of:Kacey Musgraves,Wings (Late 70s),REM

42.Westside Gunn-Hitler Wears Hermes 8:Sincerely Adolf

Before releasing one of the best hip hop albums of the year, Westside gunn dropped a project pretty predictable in his catalog. It was strict Boom Bap with a lot of jazz but it was still highly enjoyable. Highlight features from Lil Wayne and Boldy James as well as memorable jazzy beats. Westside gunn still continues to be a strong presence in underground hip hop and its prevalent that he is well known in the mainstream as well.

Month Of Release:August


Genre:Gangsta Rap,East Coast Hip Hop

For Fans Of:Boldy James,Mach Hommy,Kool G Rap


slowthai connotes to be a unique placement in UK hip hop as well as modern hip hop in TYRON. The bangers on this album are hard hitting and dark while the ballads are Deep, introspective and reach places that I didnt think slowthai could reach. The features hit, the production is memorable and slowthai does a really good job standing on his own.

Month Of Release-February


Genre:UK Hip Hop,Trap

For Fans Of:Denzel Curry,Vince Staples,Jay Rock

40.CHVRCHES-Screen Violence

My introduction to CHVRCHES was a really enjoyable one. This album is filled with infectious synthpop, blaring alternative rock and very catchy hooks and vocal melodies. Lauren Mayberry is a personality-filled vocalist with a good range and the production just compliments it. Alongside that, we have memorable tracks like "Violent Delights" and my personal favorite, "How Not To Drown". This album was just a great pop album from front to back.

Month Of Release:August


Genre:Synthpop,Alternative Rock

For Fans Of:Cut Copy,M83,New Order

39.Sloppy Jane-Madison

When it comes to Art Pop in 2021, Haley Dahl is one of the most promising when it comes to ambition, creativity and songwriting. The production is not only taken place in a cave, but the songwriting on this thing is top level. From the massive "Jesus and Your Living Room Floor" to the folky "Judy's Bedroom", Haley is one for aesthetic and her eclectic music taste makes this album larger than I could've imagined.

Month Of Release:November

Label:Saddest Factory

Genres:Art Pop,Progressive Pop

For Fans Of:Kate Bush,Pheobe Bridgers,Sufjan Stevens

38.Cannibal Corpse-Violence Unimagined

Cannibal Corpse do notch down the brutalism slightly on this one, but that just makes it better. Cannibal Corpse is usually a band I occasionally enjoy but I tend to avoid them because of how focused they are on the shock. They are less toward the technicality and progression that most death metal bands go for. This album on the hand is immaculate produced and has the usual Cannibal Corpse attributes. This is easily one of their most enjoyable records.

Month Of Release-April

Label:Metal Blade

Genres:Death Metal

For Fans Of:Morbid Angel,Entombed,Death (80s)

37.St Vincent-Daddy's Home

After the heavy 80s devotion 2020 had, Many artists in the mainstream decided to look back at the 70s. St Vincent was one of those artists and she brings a lot of soulful instrumentation, psychedelic undertones and rocking song structures. St Vincent also brings a lot of versatility as she has soulful tracks like "Down And Out Downtown", proggy tracks like "Live In The Dream" as well as folky ballads like "Somebody Like Me". I think St Vincent is going in a new direction stylistically and im enjoying it.

Month Of Release-May

Label:Loma Vista

Genre:Art Rock,Psychedelic Soul,Soft Rock

For Fans Of:Pink Floyd,Childish Gambino (AML),Dr John

36.Sematary-Rainbow Bridge 3

It will definitely be hard to introduce this to anyone, but for anyone who is not playing around with their trap music, go ahead and listen to this. This mixtape is a true blue mixtape with DatPiff style DJ tags, raw song structures, lo-fi mixing and lack of lyrical focus (in a rapping standpoint that is). Sematary on the other hand, makes that into a very hellish hour with black metal samples, extremely distorted mixes and horror imagery and lyrics. Honestly, just look at this cover...this is ridiculous. The True Religion, the dogs, the castle, the rainbows and so much more. You can see literally and figuratively that Sematary has no limit.

Month Of Release-April

Label:Haunted Mound

Genre:Horrorcore,Experimental Hip Hop,Trap Metal,Drill

For Fans Of:Ghostmane,Chief Keef,Backxwash

35.Bladee-The Fool

Bladee boosts up the accessibility on this project to make what I consider to be trap record of the year. Playful and trancy loops mixed with bouncy drums, contagious vocal performances and unique subject matter are a recipe for a trap record that stands out more than others. Bladee continues to grow as an artist and going straight for good songs is the way to go in my opinion. there's just something to this album that makes it so enjoyable.

Month Of Release:May


Genre:Trap,Cloud Rap,Pop Rap

For Fans Of:NAV,Playboi Carti,Gunna

34.Jeff Rosenstock-SKA DREAM

After dropping a nicely crafted and enjoyable Pop Punk album with No Dream, Jeff Rosenstock took all of the lyrics and structures to make the album all over again, but ska. Despite being tacky and kind of jokey, Jeff does his job to create something that goes back to the days of Sublime and No Doubt. Also, with tracks like "Horn Line", "The Rudie of Breathing" and "Monday At Back To The Beach", Jeff Rosenstock switches it up even more creating something more psychedelic and dubby. Jeff Rosenstock didnt have to do this record, but we're all glad he did.

Month Of Release-April


Genres:Ska Punk

For Fans Of:Sublime,Offspring,Upsetters

33.BROCKHAMPTON-Roadrunner:New Light,New Machine

On this album, BROCKHAMPTON return to the bright and colorful sound that put them on the map in the first place. Unparalleled chemistry and energy mixed with emotional angst is just part of the BROCKHAMPTON recipe but something about this album is a little bit darker and cohesive than the original SATURATION. Its not a new direction or anything but it brings in a different vibe than what you're used to. Kevin is more energetic, Dom sounds more charismatic and Joba is really the new powerhouse of the group (at least on this record). Im glad that they return in strong form on this one.

Month Of Release-April

Label:Question Everything

Genres:Hip Hop

For Fans Of:Tyler The Creator,Danny Brown,Jaden

32.Mastodon-Hushed and Grim

On Hushed and Grim, Mastodon do what they usually do but extend it into a kicks double album. No concept, no bullshit and no experiments, just pure uncut Mastodon. Surely there are some mellower tracks and more variety, but Mastodon is just doing what they do best and thats what makes this album so enjoyable. Brann Dailor continues to be a great force in the kit and both Kelliher and Sanders still pummel out these badass riffs with so much finesse. What a release this is.

Month Of Release:October


Genres:Progressive Metal

For Fans :Tool,Barroness,Dream Theater

31.Porter Robinson-Nurture

A lot of music heads would probably have this as their feel good album for 2021. I would consider myself one of those people. Something about this album is so heartwarming and charming and its just hard not to dislike. The mixture of video game soundtracks and EDM is just adorable in the most literal sense. The anthemic hooks mixed with the innocent charm is so warm and sugary. It's just such a great feel good album.

Month Of Release-April

Label:Mom & Pop


For Fans Of:CHVRCHES,Ellie Goulding,Charli XCX

30.Nas-Kings Disease II

After the average Kings Disease, Nas returns with Hit-Boi once again and makes one of the best hip hop albums of the year. Strong lyricism, versatile production and high quality features all appear on this album. Tracks like "Store Run" and "40 Side" will remain some of the best Nas songs and tracks like "Composure" and "Nobody" showcase how much a vibe Nas' music can be. There's no one in the rap game like Nas and he continues to prove that on Kings Disease II

Month Of Release:August

Label:Mass Appeal

Genres:East Coast Hip Hop

For Fans Of:The Roots,Wu Tang,A Tribe Called Quest

29.Kanye West-Donda

Even at 44 years old, Kanye can drop a 2 hour long album that contains so much versatility, ambition, ideas, themes and features. The trap bangers hit, the christian songs are powerful and moving and the artsier tracks are super powerful and bring something new to the table when it comes to Kanye. With this being a Kanye album, it has the mixture of mainstream and art quality that makes it easy for anyone to get into. From the pulsating "Jail" to the new age like "No Child Left Behind", Kanye doesnt play on this monstrosity of an album. DONDA is here, and I think it was worth the wait.

Month Of Release:August


Genres:Hip Hop

For Fans Of:Kanye West,Kid Cudi,Frank Ocean

28.Nick Cave & Warren Ellis-Carnage

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis team up again with a calm and surreal release with Carnage. The mixture of strong songwriting and ambient production make this moving in many different ways. Nick Cave's vocal performance is still strong and Warren Ellis sticks with production that is complimentary to the lyrics. From the powerful "White Elephant" to the meditative "Shattered Ground", this album has something for everyone.

Month Of Release-February


Genres:Chamber Pop,Art Pop,Ambient Pop

For Fans Of:Perfume Genius,Lana Del Rey,Sufjan Stevens

27.Blu-The Color Blu(e)

I will be the first to admit that this album grew on me since my review of it. I didnt realize how in depth Blu was able to go in when it comes to the color blue. The sampling is clever, the wordplay is strong and the production is snappy and jazzy. Blu continues as one of lyrical hip hop's underdogs as his devotion to lyricism continues. It's definitely one of those "rapper" albums but the concept of it is just so unique that it became more and more enjoyable overtime.

Month Of Release:September


Genres:West Coast Hip Hop,Conscious Hip Hop,Jazz Rap,Boom Bap

For Fans Of:Common,Pharoah Monch,A Tribe Called Quest

26.Between The Buried and Me-Colors II

When it comes to flashy and technical bands, Between The Buried and me stay artsy, theatric and bold with every release and the sequel to their beloved Colors is almost as good as the original. It has the darkness and the zaniness that the original Colors had, but the production is more dense and the linear album structure is less focused on. Its more like an album and less like a statement. It might not make it as ambitious or cutting edge but it does make it an easier listen than the original.

Month Of Release:August


Genres:Progressive Metal,Metalcore

For Fans Of:Mastodon,Porcupine Tree,The Mars Volta

25.Boldy James & the Alchemist-Bo Jackson

After a killer 2020, The Alchemist strikes again with a killer 2021 and this album was one of the big highlights. Bo Jackson's stone cold delivery mixed with Alcemist's psychedelic and moody production is a match made in heaven. Alchemist continues to find the best samples and knows which ones to use for complimenting Boldy's style. There are also great features from Benny The Butcher, Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y and Earl Sweatshirt so if you're into modern gangsta rap, I highly advise you check this album out.

Month Of Release:August


Genre:Gangsta Rap

For Fans Of:Griselda,Curren$y,Freddie Gibbs


Despite being a member short, Talk Memory is one of the BADBADNOTGOOD's best works. The improv skills mixed with vibrant chord progressions and Verocai led orchestral arrangements make this one of the most enjoyable jazz records of 2021. The mix of improvisational rock and psychedelic jazz make sure everyone knows that this new album begins a new stage in the career of BADBADNOTGOOD and if you ask me, I like where this is headed.

Month Of Release:October


Genres:Jazz Fusion

For Fans Of:Miles Davis,Flying Lotus,Herbie Hancock

23.Taylor Swift-Red (Taylor's Version)

With Red being the second edition of the "Taylor's Version" series, she knew she had big shoes to fill. Luckily, the original Red was already an enjoyable pop record with catchy pop tracks as well as driving rockers. The re-released version on the other hand is less about the re-done tracks, but the tracks that were added on. The songs "Nothing New" and "Message In A Bottle" are highlights in Taylors catalog and the 10 minute version of "All Too Well" is just a masterclass in songwriting. Taylor got all the Swfities happy on this one.

Month Of Release:November



For Fans Of:Kacey Musgraves,Bruce Springsteen,Pheobe Bridgers


Backxwash not only made a massive improvement of her already great sound, but she made one hell of a project with it. The production is louder and noisier this time around and Backxwash seems to be more technical, proficient and pure as a rapper. The production is unique, the flows are tight and the aura of the whole album is just frightening. Easily the best horror core album of 2021 as well as the best industrial hip hop album of 2021.

Month Of Release:June


Genres:Industrial Hip Hop,Horrorcore

For Fans Of:JPEGMAFIA,Kanye West,Ghostmane

21.Yola-Stand For Myself

Yola shows how great and infectious southern soul can be on this record. I wouldn't consider this album to be a country album, but the strongest songs are easily the ones that show the most twang. "Diamond Studded Shoes", "Be My Friend" and the title track are all powerful and uplifting tracks with so much personality and color. The mixture of pop, soul and country makes this one original and contagious record.

Month Of Release:July

Label:Easy Eye

Genres:Pop Soul,Country Soul

For Fans Of:Sturgill Simpson,Al Green,Black Keys

20.Turnstile-GLOW ON

Turnstile releases what I consider to be the best alt rock record of the year as well as hardcore punk record of the year. Turnstile creates an album that is heavy, infectious and also dreamy too. Brendan Yates has some of the best frontman performances of 2021 and everyone else in the band compliments it with hard-hitting riffs, pummeling drums and mosh-worthy breakdowns. This is what a modern punk record should be like.

Month Of Release:August


Genres:Alternative Rock,Post-Hardcore

For Fans Of:My Chemical Romance,Cloud Nothings,Smashing Pumpkins

19.Armand Hammer & the Alchemist-Haram

This is the second piece of evidence on why I think Alchemist's 2021 was equally as strong as his 2020. The mixture of Al's psychedelic loops and beats mixed with Billy & Elucid's opaque and abstract lyrics make this record one of the most essential in abstract hip hop. Alongside great features and subject matter, this album Is a consistent vibe in and out and it's also one of the most complete project Al has done in recent years. This album is great.

Month Of Release-March


Genres:Abstract Hip Hop,East Coast Hip Hop,Hardcore Hip Hop

For Fans Of:Danny Brown,Mach Hommy,Quelle Chris

18.Panopticon-...And Again Into The Light

For metal record of the year, I decided to go with the new Panopticon. Surely it can be considered a little depressive or melancholic at points but thats what makes some of the best black metal material of all time. It's a metal record that is more melancholic than aggressive and sometimes that makes a very cohesive metal record and in this case, it surely does. Austin Lunn creates very climactic black metal and combines it with country and post-rock to make it even more dynamic and cohesive than what I was expecting.

Month Of Release:May


Genres:Atmospheric Black Metal,Post-Metal

For Fans Of:Agalloch,Deafheaven,Alcest

17.Arca-kick iiiii

Out of the 4 releases Arca had this year, this was the one that stood out the most. Compared to the noisy and abrasive kick I, ii and iii, Arca mellowed it out on the final 2 and this one easily was the superior. This album took what is so great about ambient music and put a classical twist to it. The mixture of beautiful chord progressions, minimal drums, atmospheric synthesizers and classical pianos is just admirable.

Month Of Release:December


Genres:Modern Classical,Electronic

For Fans Of:Oneothrix Point Never,Tim Hecker,Brian Eno

16.Westside Gunn-Hitler Wears Hermes 8:Side B

Let me get this straight. Ive listened to a good fair share of Griselda. Westside Gunn might not be the best member, but this album put him in the same status as Benny The Butcher. This album is kind of like his Supreme Clientele. What makes Westside Gunn so good all appears in this album. The gritty production, the soul chops, the WWE aesthetics and of course, his signature rapping style. This might just be my favorite record from the Flygod so far.

Month Of Release:September


Genres:East Coast Hip Hop

For Fans Of:Boldy James,Mach Hommy,Kool G Rap

15.Japanese Breakfast-Jubilee

Jubilee is probably the record most people will think about when it comes to essential indie releases. The song "Be Sweet" alone is one of the catchiest songs of the decade so far but this album's magic appears in the songwriting. This album is a very feel good album but it doesn't rub it in your face. Its a very in depth look into optimism and sometimes you need an album like that, Japanese Breakfast surely delivers in that aspect too as the first three songs are some of the best feel good anthems of 2021. I will put it this way. On the outside, its a solid indie record but on the inside, its a very sophisticated look on how to create joy towards the listener.

Month Of Release:June

Label:Dead Oceans

Genres:Indie Pop

For Fans Of:Arcade Fire,Lana Del Rey,Blonde Redhead

14.Godspeed You! Black Emperor-G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END

Godspeed return with their best record in a long long time. If you know me, you know that Lift Yr Skinny Fists is one of my favorite instrumental rock records of all time. It defies what's considered a rock record and this album continues in that ideology. The mixture of experimental and classical music makes GY!BE one of the most ambitious rock bands of all time and this album carries what made them good and keeps on walking with it. The climactic structures, the lively radio recordings and backing instrumentation as well as the lack of lyrics make this less like an album and more like an experience.

Month Of Release-April


Genres:Post-Rock,Drone,Chamber Music

For Fans Of:Mono,Boris,Earth

13.Spellling-The Turning Wheel

After a terrible 2020, Spelling follows the year up with something mystical and magical for 2021. Fantasy inspired songwriting with immaculate production makes this album memorable from the first to last track. Spelling has a unique vocal style as well to compliment the songs that need a more character filled voice. This album is just too grand and theatrical for it not to be on a list like this. Spellling killed 2021 and I hope she can continue to kill it.

Month Of Release:June

Label:Sacred Bones

Genres:Art Pop,Baroque Pop,Progressive Pop

For Fans Of:Kate Bush,Weyes Blood,Scott Walker


This is one of those albums that just wowed me. The harmonies, the experimental production and the subject matter all mesh so well together. The unique mix of ambient textures, industrial production, poppy vocal harmonies with experimental rock aesthetics makes this album like no other release in 2021. The style and sound of Low takes some of experimental musics biggest names and creates something more meaningful and dense. This album is easily one of the most memorable 2021 had to offer.

Month Of Release:September

Label:Sub Pop

Genres:Ambient Pop,Experimental Rock

For Fans Of:Xiu Xiu,Swans,Nine Inch Nails

11.Arca-Kick iii the end of the year, Arca decided to drop this landmark of an album. Easily the best electronic album of the year and she bends the definition of what an experimental electronic album can be. This thing is sassy, noisy, colorful and abstract just like the album cover shown for it. Its a great mixture of industrial, electronic and hip hop that kind of goes in a Death Grips inspired direction but way more hedonistic, sassy and reluctant.

Month Of Release:December


Genres:Deconstructed Club,Glitch Hop

For Fans Of:Death Grips,SOPHIE,Flying Lotus

10.Black Country, New Road-For the first time

When this album came out in February, I knew that it would be high in my favorite albums list. If you're excluding collaborative albums, this is easily the best debut record of 2021. So much personality and originality on this 6 track album and they're easily one of the most important acts of the new British Experimental Rock scene thats emerging recently. From the creative lyricism to the tight musicianship, this album is one of the most promising debuts we've hard in the past 2 or 3 years.

Month Of Release:Febuary

Label:Ninja Tune

Genres:Post-Punk,Experimental Rock,Post-Rock

For Fans Of:Swans,Slint,Sonic Youth

9.Tyler, The Creator-CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST

What Tyler does on this album is what a lot of people would've wanted 5 years ago, but im even more glad we got it now. After 2 influential and groundbreaking albums, Tyler takes away the experimental side of his music and creates one of the best pure hip hop releases of 2021. Tyler brings vivid storytelling on tracks like "WILSHIRE", legendary one liners on tracks like "WUSYANAME" and "LUMBERJACK" and progressive tracks like "SWEET/I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE". Tyler the Creator is really at the peak of his career to the point where he can return back to his hip hop days to create something so good.

Month Of Release:June


Genre:West Coast Hip Hop

For Fans Of:Lil B,Anderson .Paak,Wu-Tang

8.Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine-A Beginner's Mind

After a couple years of making some left field music, Sufjan Stevens revisits his older style and brings the likes of up and comer Angelo De Augustine. The two songwriters decided to write songs based off of movies they were watching and with these movies, they create some of the best folk songs 2021 had to offer. The songs "Murder and Crime" and "Back To Oz" are some of my favorite songs of the year and the chemistry these two have are amazing.

Month Of Release:September

Label:Asthmatic Kitty

Genres:Indie Folk,Singer/Songwriter,Chamber Folk

For Fans Of:Fleet Foxes,Elliott Smith,Bon Iver

7.Silk Sonic-An Evening With Silk Sonic

This is how a collaborative album should be done. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak both have styles that compliment each others and the way that is done is to create luscious and infectious soul tracks. The 9 song and 31 minute project is short but straight to the point. Another thing I can say is that it could be enjoyed by nearly anyone. A lot like the artists it takes from, there's just rarely any complaints you can give to this album.

Month Of Release;November


Genre:Smooth Soul

For Fans Of:Marvin Gaye,Prince,Parliament

6.Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra-Promises

When this album came out, I didn't know how much it would grow on me. Turns out it grew on me quite well. Its an immaculate and euphoric blend of classical, jazz and electronic that creates somewhat of a symphony. This could have a lot of titles to it. I would consider this classical album of the year, collaboration project of the year, jazz album of the year and symphony of the year. Taking two legendary names and a young electronic producer with classical and progressive electronic influence, they create something so accessible yet so ambitious.

Month Of Release:March

Label:Luaka Bop

Genres:Post-Minimalism,Third Stream,Progressive Electronic,Chamber Jazz

For Fans Of:Charles Mingus,Miles Davis,Rashaan Roland Kirk

5.Lingua Ignota-Sinner Get Ready

Lingua Ignota ignites the underground once again. This album is just so moving and impactful that it had me on the edge of me seat throughout the whole project. The mixture of avant-garde, classical, post-rock and folk makes Lingua Ignota style so singular. It's really hard to describe this album in a few sentences but I'll try my best. Lingua Ignota challenges the concepts, positives, negatives and instant thoughts of Christianity as this album made me not only more curious on christianity but afraid of it. There are barely any albums that make me afraid, but this was one of them.

Month Of Release:August

Label:Sargent House

Genre:Neoclassical Darkwave,Avant-Folk

For Fans Of:The Microphones,Nico,Plastic Ono Band midi-Cavalcade

There were a lot of artists in 2021 that revitalized sounds of the 70s. black midi in my opinion did it the best. The reason I say that is because no one did it more boundary pushing than they did. They took the most forward thinking and experimental rock sounds of that era and made it more known to the public. extremely tight musicianship, abstract song structures and dynamics as well as minute by minute enjoyment. This is not only my favorite rock record of the year, but its probably the essential record for the new British rock scene thats emerging in the early 2020s.

Month Of Release:May

Label:Rough Trade


For Fans Of:Zappa,Soft Machine,Scott Walker

3.Injury Reserve-By The Time I Get To Pheonix

I have a very complicated relationship with this album. The album is nearly perfect but at the same time, its so experimental and out there that its hard to listen to. After the death of key member Steps J Groggs, Ritchie and Parker make something that makes IR's older releases sound like pop rap. From the surreal intro to the emotionally curdling "Knees", this album rarely has any notable "songs". The only two songs I would really single out are the two promotional singles and even then those are pure definitions of experimental hip hop. The rest of the album is so vague, distanced and unclear, it just makes the wholistic experience that much better.

Month Of Release:September


Genre:Experimental Hip Hop,Experimental Rock

For Fans Of:Kanye West,Arca,Tom Waits


Peggy is a genius. Peggy takes the elements of a classic hip hop record and makes it perfect for the internet age. So many different styles are on this one album. We have bangers like "REBOUND" and "HAZARD DUTY PAY" but we also have laid back cuts like "GOD DONT LIKE UGLY" and "DAM DAM DAM".Peggy keeps on continuing on an artistic peak as his albums just get better and better after every release. I dont know if I would consider this the most impactful album or most ambitious album of 2021, but when it comes to enjoyment, structure and cohesive artistry, this album perfects all three for me.

Month Of Release:October


Genre:Experimental Hip Hop,Hardcore Hip Hop

For Fans Of:Death Grips,Spaceghostpurrp,Bladee

1.Little Simz-Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

If you pay attention to my reviews, you probably saw this one coming. I loved this record since first listen. Songs like "Two Worlds Apart" and "Speed" were immediately to my good times/vibe playlists and tracks like "How Did You Get Here" almost made me cry. Little Simz created an album with so much ambition, integrity and passion that it was basically made with maximum power. This is low-key like the UK version of albums like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or The Archandroid. It's an album that aims for perfection with ambition on 100 and gets the closest to it possible. Little Simz is a future legend.

Month Of Release:September

Label:Age 101

Genre:UK Hip Hop,Conscious Hip Hop

For Fans Of:Mos Def,Kendrick Lamar,Lauryn Hill


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