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🔥ADMT shares two brand new singles + EP 'Without You' is out now🔥

Hugely infectious new single ‘Weekend Offender’ is a stand-out banger to aid you in making your best, worst decisions, just in time for the bank holiday weekend! 

Written in response to a situation a friend found themself in, the track is a relatable dose of mischief. Sharing more ADMT explained ‘a good friend of mine had gone out for literally just ‘one quick drink’. He was supposed to be home at a reasonable time but once that first drink hit, the giddiness took over and before he knew it, he was locked out. The sun was rising and he had a couple of empty pockets and a head full of regrets haha.’

The other brand new single on the record is the impactful new cut ‘Overboard’

Since he launched, ADMT has been courageously open about his mental health battles and has worked tirelessly to normalize conversations around mental health, particularly amongst men. Overboard sees ADMT at his most raw and his talent for honest songwriting is particularly powerful. Sharing more he said: ‘Overboard is probably one of the most important songs I've ever written. I think when people are at their lowest, one of the biggest issues they face is loneliness. That was definitely a factor for me when I was suffering... This song was written to stop people doing anything they may regret in their darkest times. If it helps one person, it’s served its purpose. I want people to know they matter, that they are seen and heard and that they should never take for granted the hole that their absence would leave. I hope that if this track reminds them they aren’t alone, they can find the strength to keep going, just like I did.’

The EP arrives hot on the heels of a ‘Midas Touch’ a collaborative track which saw ADMT feature on an intoxicating track released by buzzy british rapper Potter Payper. Check it out here.

Back in January, ADMT put his best foot forward with ‘North’. The illuminating tune arrived as an heartwarming ode to his upbringing. As a proud Yorkshireman, he’s already put Doncaster on the map and as his career soars and he will continue to represent both the good, and the not so good parts of British culture. 

Another stand out moment on the EP is ‘Best Friend’. Originally the track took shape as a cover video of that 50 Cent hit ‘Best Friend,’ but after quickly gaining traction amongst fans and then the backing of 50 Cent, he released the full length version due to popular demand. 

50 Cent was so taken with the cover that he shared it with his 30 million followers and in doing so, he enabled more people than ever before to discover the exceptional talent that is ADMT. 

The EP’s title track ‘Without You’ quickly became a fan favorite at his live shows. The touching upload was the first song ADMT had written where he was in a genuinely happy place. 

Sharing more, he said;  I reached a place before Without You where I was really unhappy. With this track, the inspiration hadn’t come from something painful for once. It’s about the gratitude I have for everyone. Everyone that saved me; family, friends, fans, everyone. They’ve all been there for me, enabled me to be okay, and ultimately still be here today. They've got me through the bad times and I’m so grateful.’

‘Wish You Loved You’ is a beautiful track born from the pain of watching someone that loves you, disregard themself. ‘It’s really hard to watch someone you care about not see and appreciate their own value’ he shared.

ADMT is a grafter. He is tenacious, humble and always working on music.Whether it be writing new material, collaborating or reimagining your favorite song, he’s on it. 


The genre bending sound of ADMT ticks a lot of boxes and it’s sweetened even further by his down to earth, kind and relatable nature which sees him put his fans before anything else. Even before his recent surge in supporters, his one-of-a-kind sound had been well received over the last couple of years, gaining plaudits from Wonderland, Clash, Ones To Watch, Flaunt, Notion, The Sunday Times and more. With over 10 million streams on Spotify to his name and over 1 million followers across Instrgam and TikTok, the secret is officially out about ADMT.

Last summer he played an impressive spread of festivals including Reading and Leeds, Boardmasters, All Points East and more. With his enormous fanbase growing by the day, he’s sold out every show he has ever played and is on track to selling out his spring tour, which has already been extended and upgraded. 

With his new EP marking a new and exciting milestone in the rise of ADMT, catch him live before all the dates sell out! Bag your tickets HERE! (quick!)

Watch this space:  Instagram / TikTok / Spotify

6th April Working Mens Club, Dublin

8th April - King Tuts, Glasgow Sold Out

10th April - Think Tank, Newcastle Sold Out

11th April - 02 Institute2 , Birmingham Sold Out

13th April - The Waterfront, Norwich

14th April - Chalk, Brighton 

15th April - The Bodega, Nottingham Sold Out

17th April - Thekla, Bristol Sold Out

18th April - New Century Hall, Manchester Sold Out

21st April Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent

22nd April 02 Academy, Liverpool

23rd April 02 Academy2 Leicester

25th April Scala, London SOLD OUT

26th The Globe, Cardiff SOLD OUT


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