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We caught up with Alice Triskel, singer and composer from Barcelona, who mixes and fuses styles of pop music, electronic music.

Q: Who are your favorite artist?

A : The truth is that it is a more difficult question than it seems because I like many different styles. I choose Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson because I think they are that kind of artist unique, unrepeatable and that they motivate me and make me not give up and strive to be a little better artist every day just by listening to his music.

Q: Upcoming projects?

A: We have a lot of material yet to be taken out and very varied that we will gradually reveal, but I anticipate that it will be worth the wait

Q: Dream collaboration?

A: From the current music scene and put to dream that it is free, I think that if I could make a collaboration with Sia or Lady Gaga I could already die calm and satisfied hahaha

Q: If I’m not doing music you could catch me...?

A: Ultimately music is the only thing I do but when I have moments of stress or blockage, I go for a walk in the forest for a while. I get a little out of the bustle of the city and it helps me reconnect again.

Follow Alice Triskel

Twitter: @Alice_Triskel

Instagram: alice_triskel


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