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The singer/producer experiments with a lot of different sounds. Her music can be described as Cinematic Electronic Pop. We spoke with her as she gears up for the release of her new single, "Opposite".

What initially made you start recording music?

I played instruments from a young age, but didn't really start recording anything properly until I was 18. I really enjoyed making strange sounds and fun melodies. I made a song just to see how it went. My Dad suggested I upload it to BBC Introducing, and BBC introducing in the west played it the following day. It was a very lo-fi recording and I was so shocked it got played. I enjoyed writing and recording the song so much that I just wanted to do it over and over again.

Check Out Her Latest Single, "Good Angel" Below

Who are your favorite artist?

I struggle to pick favorite artists, but the first ones I think of are Burial, Four Tet, Grimes, Sevdaliza and Lydmor.

Listen to her 2020 project, "Ruminations" Below

When is your next project?

I am releasing a new single called 'Opposite' this Friday (9th of October). The music video will be out the following day. 😁

Listen to "Adores (Cholly Remix)" Below


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