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We caught up with the power trio known as Brian Jin to highlight some of the bans upcoming plans and inspiration. The band consisting of Nil DeSilva on drums, Nick Kladky on bass guitar and vocals , and Brian Kious on guitar and vocals.

What initially made you start recording music?

Well, speaking for myself, from the age of three I was taken by music and would listen to albums constantly and became enamored with every part of these works right down to the artwork. From the time I wrote my first song I wanted to have it preserved for posterity. I wanted to make these records I was listening to.

Who are your favorite artist?

Favorite artists: well, all 3 of us love the Beatles and Jethro Tull. We also dig Gordon Lightfoot, R.E.M., the Moonstones, The Sunshine Boys, Bowie, too many to name!

When is your next project?

Our next project: We just completed our newest album called “Birmingham New Street & Other Experiences.” So, our current focus is on honing our live performance for when the lockdown ends. We also plan on filming a video for our most recent single, “The Field Man.” Maybe tracking a Christmas song, but that’s still up in the air.

Listen to "Riviera"


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