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Soon you will see that there is no good or bad, only an interpretation of what is. You will realize that your whole experience is based solely on your interpretation of external events that are completely neutral. You will understand that YOU HAVE NOTHING FIGURED OUT and that all the things you thought you knew are only IMAGINARY CONSTRUCTS of your mind. You have so much talent and potential inside you that is not coming through because your mind has IMPRISONED you.

What got you started in music?

My family was a big influence. Growing up my parents always had music on and they were big into 60s and 70s rock and roll and blues so I listened to a lot of Zeppelin, Floyd, the Beatles, and Hendrix. I remember watching videos of their live performances and seeing all these crazy music videos and just being amazed. From there I got interested in writing and then once I was introduced to rap music I started hearing the shit I was writing in my head when I was listening to rap and that was it I started rapping.

Listen to "Dear Sarah"

What are some of the artists that inspire you most? Which artists influence the sound you create?

Honestly, I listen to so much music and it's all over the place. I think the artists that inspire me the most are the ones that really get lost in their art. Kid Cudi, Kanye, Mac Miller, and Lil Peep are some of my favourite artists so I'm sure they are influencing what I'm making, but I also try really hard to approach my music in a way that makes it different. I'm not interested in making music that sounds like somebody else's music. I want it to be original and truly reflect me so sometimes when I'm writing or spending time at the studio I stay away from other music and try to really clear my head.

Watch "Talk Show Pope' Featuring FreelanceYYC

Where did you come up with your artist name?

People called me poet for awhile when I first started rapping cause I was always talking about it being poetry. The dead part is cause I'm existential as fuck. I've always just been interested in death and my own mortality - so dead poet made sense. Then I went to set up my profile on IG and dead poet wasn't available and at the time my girl came in the room wearing a Nirvana shit - you know the one with smiley face and the x's as eyes - so yeah I said shit I'll do x's instead of e's and that was it. Probably a dumb move though cause people never know how to pronounce it. At one of my first shows the DJ introduced me as "dad pot" LOL.

Listen to "The Casper Project" releasesed 2020

Do you have any upcoming music?

I just dropped two of the dopest tracks I've made over the last few months. So before I talk about the new stuff I gotta plug Talk Show Pope and Dear Sarah. Talk Show Pope is some dark ass shit and the verse is some of the craziest shit I ever wrote - plus the video we put out for it is something special. And Dear Sarah is just a sad boy vibe. Lot's of new stuff on the way - some features coming up over the summer and then possibly a single off the new the project in September. I'm also working on a short film that's gonna essentially be the music video for Dear Sarah so that should be out before the end of the summer too.

Watch "GOOD 4 U" (featuring Keenan Strand & Logan Smith)

Outside of music what do you spend the most time doing?

I just opened a recording studio so I've been spending a ton of time on the business side of the music thing which has been crazy and fun and we got some big things coming through that soon. And when I'm not doing that I'm chilling with my girl and our dog. Honestly trying to focus all my energy on the music thing.

Stream "Talk Show Pope"

If you were in an apocalyptic event and you had to leave your house immediately which 3 items would you bring with you?

Easy. My laptop, the good headies and my dog. We could figure everything else out along the way. Really appreciate the opportunity to connect with yall and everything you guys are doing for independent music. Stay blessed.

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