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Which artist influenced your music? Who are your favorite artists?

I can say names till I hit the character limit😂but currently my biggest are:
Nas, Logic, Kid Cudi, Drake, Coldplay, Daniel Caesar, Jay Z, Ice Cube, 50 Cent, The Kid Laroi, XXXTentacion, Lil Uzi, Lil Peep, Juice WRLD, Lil Skies, Vince Staples, Phora, Mac Miller, Quadeca, Steve Lacy, Tyler The Creator, Sylvan Lacue.

Listen to his latest single, "Better Days (lie)"

How long have you been creating music? What got you started?

The first time i ever attempted making music was in 2018 after my first break up but ever since i was a little kid i always wanted to be a "rapper" but never knew where to start, i think i was attracted to the adoration and respect towards beloved artists
I never had friends growing up, never succeeded in school, learning disabilities, slow classes, depression, anxiety, self harm, suicide attempts, broken home, drug addicted family etc. the only thing I ever had was music and my favorite artists to feel like my friends when I had no one, someone I could relate to and connect to like I was desperately seeking. I truly know what it’s like and I want to be just like what I had to help me continue living every day, I want to make a difference in not necessarily the world but just people, I want to try to push wisdom, positivity and love to anybody I come across all I hope is at least 1 person follows my lead, if I helped 1 person even if it’s for just 1 second everything I want would be a reality.
What I want to be at my end goal when it’s all said and done is the most versatile artist to ever do it, I want to spit a 16 like nas, sing a ballad like Chris Martin, put out a club hit like like jon, touch hearts like juice wrld, inspire like 2pac, have verses loop in heads and make people think like Kendrick, appeal to the radio and even soccer moms like drake, be beloved like Stevie Wonder, give people goosebumps like Stevie Nicks gives me, reach perfection like Mike and Quincy, Be a ignorant mf and in the next track be conscious and wise like 21 savage, scare a mf and sound like a menace to society like 50 cent or comethazine. I love music so much, hip hop is my true soulmate but I want to take hip hop to every genre, shatter barriers and misconceptions

Listen: "Reality"

Do you plan on releasing a full project? New videos?

1000000%. I'm currently working on 3 different projects at the same time, it sounds a bit ridiculous for an amatuer artist I know but I’m just taking my time, improving every day and tryna build my vault into a goldmine.

Outside of music what are your favorite things to do?

I have no shame in the fact that I’m a complete nerd, I love yu-gi-oh!, anime, pc games and collecting cassette tapes

Listen: "Ain't Right"

If you were forced to pack 3 items and leave everything else, which items would they be?

Everybody is gonna hate me but my laptop, my microphone and my audio interface😂😂😂
Music is the only essential for me

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