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What inspired the song/video of snyde?

SNYDE is a slang word we used growing up that basically refers to a backbiter/a snake in the grass. I often use my music to vent and whilst working on SNYDE I took a lot of my raw feelings and just carved out a little fuck you message for those exact people. Around the time of writing SNYDE another artist posted a load of secondhand shit about me across socials without reaching out to me directly to check if any of it was true. I'd only chatted to this chic once on Instagram and she seemed sound so it really came out of nowhere for me. I found the whole situation incredibly lowbrow and it had an impact on my career in its early days. I'm a huge supporter of other women and especially those that are grinding and focused on achieving their goals or expressing something deeply personal. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and to be judged by others. I've experienced a lot of other women coming for me in my life and just know it's a case of deep insecurity or a lack of belief in oneself. To me, empowered women empower other women and when you move against each other you give your collective power away to those that would see you diminished and silenced. SNYDE is my way of addressing that and calling my power back to me. Music can have a huge impact on your mood and energy and I share my music with my audience for them to do the same.

Who are some artists you are inspired by?

Sega Bodega recently released an album called 'Dennis' which had the hairs on my arms STANDING on end! There's a track called 'True' that utilises choral vocals alongside industrial elements and electronic beats and the production/songcraft is just mind blowing. It's an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish! But I draw inspiration from everywhere! I listen to people talking and I'm always pausing things, rewinding and jotting ideas down in my notes when I'm not in the studio. I'm really into historical warriors, churches and altarpiece painters. My favourite artist is an altarpiece painter from the 1400's called Carlo Crieveli's who implements iconography and symbolic elements within his work and I love finding out all of their hidden meanings. I'm also really interested in AI artists at the moment and love what they are able to create within their work. It's been interesting to delve into their world and understand a little more about their process of creation. 

Any upcoming shows,music, or content coming?

I have a couple of single releases on the horizon which I shot visualisers and images for. There's also a few other surprises up my sleeve as I've been collaborating with a few artists surrounding my visuals for the next set of single releases and aesthetic projects.

Outside of music, what hobbies inspire you to create?

I really like wandering around churches and exploring old buildings and thinking about what life would have been like at the time of those buildings' creations. I often create characters in my mind when I'm writing and they are usually warriors from another time and place in history who have had to overcome something.



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