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ARTIST TO WATCH: Suzie Geeforce

Artist Bio:

“Digital music with a human soul” The Repeat Beat Poet Suzie Geeforce is an AngloBurmese Music Producer and Poet creating music for our futures! She has been likened to Kae Tempest and Flying Lotus in the past. She creates music that speaks to a sense of hope for the future through technology, empowerment and love! She has performed in London, Los Angeles and Yangon as well as in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Her poetry was also featured in the 2020 Schuh campaign “Embrace your Feels”. Latest singles include Parasocial Butterfly (2020) and Music for Androids to Vibe to (2020). Her sound is mainly inspired by Kawaii Future Bass, Lo-Fi, Videogame OSTs, Alt Rock and Classic UK Garage! She also has a PhD in Staging Science Fiction!"

So what got you started in music?

I learnt piano when I was a kid, doing grades and concerts from time to time - I thought music was just like studying at the time and didn’t really explore its creative side fully until I joined a band at uni and took up the bass! Music has always been something that’s soothes me when I’m stressed - and now it’s been such a creative outlet as well!

Outside of music what do you spend the most time doing?

Outside of music, I love gaming - I stream regularly on Twitch (at suzie_geeforce) and enjoy playing games with viewers and speedrunning! I also enjoy writing and drawing to explore my other creative sides - although they often overlap!

Who are some of the artist that inspire you most? Which artist influence the sound you create?

Muse, Grimes, Janelle Monáe and David Bowie definitely helped inspire my love of the futuristic, space age theme of music that I make! Videogame music has always inspired me as well - especially with musicians like Jun Senoue, Tomoya Ohtani and
Shoji Meguro!

I have been playing Parasocial Butterfly a ton and just love the vibe it’s like futuristic video game vibes so it’s interesting to know your influences. Do you have any new music in the works?

Thank you so much!! It’s definitely one of my favourites for sure 😊 I do indeed - I’m finishing off a single which should be out in late July/early August! It’s a more personal one of mine, exploring past relationships with a lo-fi reflective feel to it

Where did you come up with your artist name?

My uncle likes to affectionately call me Suzie Q after Suzie Quatro as I used to play the bass - my Twitter was Suzie Gee as a result and I thought, how could I make it sound more futuristic and spacelike to match the music I made?
Suzie Geeforce was the result 😊

Okay final question! Lol thank you for doing this interview. I love your sound and it’s been stuck in my head. I really appreciate you taking the time.

If you were in a apocalyptic event and you had to leave your house immediately which 3 items would you bring with you?

Thank you so much! I appreciate that a lot 😊 I’d probably take my phone, my favourite plushies (sentimental value!) and my keytar ❤️


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