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We chat with genreless Ireland-based musician... Why-Axis pushes boundaries

What are your main influences as an artist?

My influences change over time and depending on my mood a lot but lately I’ve been digging a lot of bossa nova music and progressive guitar, catchy rap and R&B are always in the mix but I’m really hoping to experiment with some more styles of guitar playing soon.

Listen to Why-Axis, 2020 project, "Moody F*ck" Below

Describe your recording process?

Lately I like to start my tracks with a really basic drum loop and the main chords of the track I’m going to make, then I always try to write a chorus that I’ll spend the majority of the time on and build that area of the track. Once I have that, I usually structure the song layout and then go to write pre choruses and verses and build the rest of the production around that.

Check Out, Why-Axis live performance on RTE Studios 8

When did you begin recording music and producing music?

I probably first downloaded FL Studio when I was about 14 and from then on just practiced daily until I could put together somewhat of a song hahah.

Check Out, Way Too Rough by Why-Axis

Along with your single what can we expect in the future?

The single will be followed by two more that I have wrapped up at the moment about a month after each other and then I will be getting ready to release my album hopefully mid summer/early autumn. I have an EP on the way with artist Jon Lui also which will likely be released at some point after the upcoming singles, really can’t wait for people to hear the new sound

Check Out His Upcoming single "Raincoat" Releasing Tomorrow


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