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Artist Bio


Zachary Durham is a R&B recording artist from Brooklyn, NY. As a trumpet player, Zachary is able to bring diversity to his music. Beginning his musical debut as a trumpet player in 2014, Zachary is often labeled as "The Trumpet Kid". Being influenced by many artists such as Clifford Brown, Chet Baker, John Legend, Hall and Oates, and Usher, Zachary brings a mixture of soul, jazz, R&B and instrumentation to his recordings and live music alike. Zachary is able to connect with many different aspects of his fans.

Who are some of your favorite r&B influences?

I have many but I’d have to say Hall & Oates, John Legend, and Maxwell

Listen: "Waterfalls"

What got you started with creating music? How long have you been trained to play the trumpet?

I never really saw myself being an artist until my senior year of high school. I used to write songs in secret everyday until my friends pushed me into sharing it with people. I’ve been playing the trumpet about fourteen years now, I taught myself how to play in high school and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Outside of music what makes you most happy?

Outside of music I love watching and playing basketball. I also love traveling and trying new restaurants.

Outside of R&B soul which genres influence your style the most?

My roots are deeply rooted in R&B but I feel like jazz, and hip hop have been just as influential in shaping my sound as an artist. Chet Baker and Miles Davis are my biggest inspirations when it comes to my trumpet playing.

With the “Mural” Ep what can we expect from you?

With the “Mural” EP I wanted to showcase my versatility. In my first project “Love Through Lust”, I displayed a lot of intimate and soulful vibes so I made a big effort this time around to make songs that people can dance to and play outside for the summer season. You can definitely expect very catchy melodies and hooks on “Mural” and Ofcourse my trumpet playing makes some appearances from time to time.

Zachary is set to releasee, "MURALS"


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