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BeatsbyKam: Producer Series [Q&A]

Kam is a Artist/producer from Johnson City.

Q: Who are your main influences? Favorite Producers?

A: As for main influences I would have to say the people i grew-up listening to in hip hop. From wiz, yg, ASAP mob, etc. even the newer music from x to lil uzi and so on.

My fav producers are metro booming, Dj esco, bass Santana, sledgren, and Curtis Williams

Q: Weird producer habit?

A: The snare and high hats always come second and third when I’m making a beat

Q: Any new projects? Your project or Artist placements you can speak on?

A: There’s two projects in the making as we speak but as far as placements I don’t have any yet but I’m hoping for some in the future

Listen to "Cloud Tape" by Kam

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