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Benny The Butcher & Harry Fraud-The Plugs I Met 2 EP REVIEW

Written Before The Listen

So Benny The Butcher is a Buffalo New York rapper who I’ve heard a lot of due to his heavy feature game and Griselda affiliation. If you haven’t seen my review of the first Plugs I Met, I suggest that you check it out. Coming out with part 2 was a predictable move for Benny. The difference is that this is bringing in a heavy plug. Harry Fraud produces every beat on here. For being someone who is familiar with Harry Frauds production with artists like Playboi Carti and Flatbush Zombies, his beats are usually atmospheric, psychedelic and mellow. Knowing that, I was kind of curious to see these two worlds collide because I know for sure he isn’t a stranger to this style of hip hop. He has produced for Westside Gunn before so I was going into this no really knowing what to expect.

Similarities & Differences

One thing that is right off the bat is that the production is more trappy. More 808s, more rattling hi hats and less drum breaks. Also the feature game is easily a massive downgrade. I dont mind the production change but the feature game going down is for sure a disappointment. Other than that, the topics and the bars are similar from Benny. The feature choice have a similar ethos but more fitting for this type of production.


Harry Frauds production is hit or miss for me. The first track “When Tony Met Sosa” is a very occupied beat with the saturated 808s and cluttered drum patterns. He does although redeem himself with the next three tracks being some of the best on the EP. He then loses that streak with “Talkin Back” which isn’t bad but is repetitive. Other than that, I do like the Lil B like beat for “Survivors Remorse” and the beat for “Thanksgiving” is ok but his production isn’t shy from its inconsistency.


Literally anything I said about the first Plugs I Met can be said here. His rhymes are on point, the punchlines are hard hitting, the rhymes schemes are layered, he still remains a lyricist at the end of the day. Sure there are times where Bennys style becomes a little stale but one thing that I can credit him for is that he easily is the best MC on this album which the first Plugs I Met didn’t have for him. Sometimes over quicker production, it’s harder for him to drop a hard hitting punchline but it’s all about making good songs which he is responsible for keeping that the main goal.


As I said, the features are easily weaker. Black Thought and Pusha T are replaced by Fat Joe and French Montana. Sure there are some good features on here. First off, the 2 Chainz feature is your typical 2 Chainz and works with the song. Hell despite being kind of boring, the Jim Jones feature isn’t that bad either but the French Montana feature on the same track is as forgettable as every other verse he has. The Fat Joe verse was filled with cliches and overdone punchlines. The Chinx verse despite having a good meaning, doesn’t really do anything for me. Overall, the features were in one word, disappointing.


Just like I said, the features are stale, the production is a mixed bag. Bennys bars aren’t predictable or anything but you expect what to get from him at this point. I could also say that with the exception of “Plug Talk”, there really isn’t any memorability throughout this EP. Other than that, I think Plugs I Met 2 was good…for a sequel.


For sure it was a downgrade from the first EP but I expected that right off of the bat. Benny still remains as a force not to be reckoned with, the production is still solid despite it being inconsistent, the features although stale connect with Bennys theme, its not like it wasn’t achieved, it just wasn’t as good as the first Plugs I met.


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