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Berklee Jazz Student Leaves Her Comfort Zone with Her Dark Pop Debut Single

‘Bring Me Back’ is a song of redemption and getting back to the self. After more than a year of uncertainty, often without the comfort of those we love, turning back to our passions can be the only way to feel a sense of who we are. For 21 year-old Elishéva, who experienced massive amounts of change in the past year, ‘Bring Me Back’ is a plea to herself to emerge out of the dull and get back to the passionate and focused person she knows. This return took form by moving to Paris, France and creating a body of work that would soon be her debut as a solo artist under her name, “Elishéva”

Though many independent artists of our time strive to mimic the hard-hitting yet eerie production and vocals by none other than Billie Eilish and Finneas -- Elishéva and Producer Fryderyk HD pay homage to this sound while bringing their own jazzy strengths to the table. ‘Bring Me Back’ is the dark pop that so many of us have come to love fused with jazz vocal stylings and technique. This combination of forces brings an edge to this composition which has simply not been done before.

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