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Best Submissions of 2020

2020 has been a crazy year and has been a great start to OUT THE BOX. We started of releasing our first label compilation and so many different playlist featuring some awesome upcoming artist. More than 50,000 submissions from all genres, a lot of awesome music and artist. We would like to say thank you to all members and new artist. Congratulations to all artist represented in our Best Submissions of 2020.

I'm hurt by Strychnine

Easy for you by Johnny-B

Do Better by Mahtie Bush

Who's The Mack by B-Funk

Skin a Cat by Christian Delvion

Bending Corners by Jack Tatum

Greenlight by 808 Plugg

Rendezvious by Macc Dachopper

BOOGEYMAN by Paris Parrish

Hip Hop by MERU

Masquerade Party by N-A FortNight

Terrified by Miszs B

Purple by Hank Herlantz

If I Didn't Love You by Frankie Davies

Nothing Like You by Christopher Dion

Rain to Grow by Khalil

Raguku Ada by Yushia Hanna

Quarantine (Da Lockdown) by CEZAR

Villain by Spencer William

Paleface by Headfury

The Descent by The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara

piece/peace of mind by Gracie Moses

Astronaut Money by TwoneFari, Blunt Trauma, Blondehero

Down For The Come Up by Bumpy103

Secrets by Jake Aarons, Dusko the God

Partner in Crime by Cooperstone

50 by Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Pengagum rahasia by Andy Wong

Pale Blue by Rogue VHS

Simple by Stephh V

regret by M.U.S.I

Missing Home by Edward Garcia

Eating The Poor by The Evil Dark

Thank you again to all artist who submitted at 247OTB.COM! This is only the beginning so much more to come next year!

JOIN TODAY to submit new music and collab with other creatives. We will be releasing our Top artist of 2021 coming soon.


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