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Big Paw Interview - Talks music influences and music process

Who are some of your favorite artist?
Wiz khalifa, kid cudi, Travis Scott, nooses hussle, curren$y, lil uzi, Miley Cyrus.. life itself waking up errday life paints a new day for us to create

How would you describe your musical style or genre
Alternative rap… umm melodic just free I don’t like restrict myself when it comes to creating so whatever I’m feeling I just do.

What does your typical songwriting or music production process look like?
I hate recording music with bud i gotta have some bud but for the most part I’m always coming up and singing melodies and writing songs in my head until my producers send beats or we link. When we’re in the studio cooking up I just give what the beats telling me to say for the most part Slendo might be cooking up and I’m just rolling up, drinking just vibing.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
I always loved music but I didn’t get serious until after my sister died and I just didn’t know what direction to go or how to express myself, I knew I never wanted to work a job I always wanted to be able to be free and do what I love while making people happy at the same.

What song would you recommend to a potential fan that best shows your musical ability?
Pawprints and heartbreak outro, shroom juice… honestly any mixtape i’ve dropped gives a whole story you just to gotta listen and have an open ear cuz I like said I don’t like to restrict to myself or box myself into just any specific genre I’mma free spirit so my music reflects that and if you have a free spirit then you can relate cuz we all go through the same emotions just different situations but at the same time we all experience the same thing so I guess the fans really just have find what songs resonate with them most


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