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Who are some artist that inspire you?

When I initially started making music, it was artists like Flying Lotus and Erick Arc Elliot who inspired me to push myself further into beat making. Though when it comes to rapping, I’ve had a lot of influences and inspiration. Starting to rap, it was artists like Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Joey Bada$$, and Capital STEEZ who’s music made me actively pursue writing and recording my own music. As of more recently, my inspirations range anywhere from Kid Cudi and Kanye, to Young Thug and Future. I tend to enjoy most facets of hiphop music.

Listen to Astronaut Money by Akashic Records, which features Blondehero as Artist and Producer throughout the project.

What can we expect from your upcoming project?

On my new project, Strawberry Blonde, you’ll hear my most polished work to date. This project is supposed to be somewhat of a compilation of emotions and thoughts that I’ve had over my life so far. Eleven songs are produced by me, two others produced by two other local artists (Kyleton & Blunt Trauma). The vibes of each song is varied throughout, and I did my best to always have fun and enjoy the process. This release definitely has me more excited to work on future projects for everyone.

Strawberry Blonde releases 4/23/20

Outside of music what inspires you the most?

Outside of music, I’d say my biggest inspiration is the world itself with all of the duality that is present. The balance between day and night, love and hate and comfort and pain is an overpowering force in my opinion, as life always goes on without us. I think the beauty of this existence as it continues sustained, yet seemingly uncaring, is very important. Through this I’ve come to terms with what I feel my place on this Earth is, and it has proven to be very inspiring as of late.

Listen to Single, "Home Alone"

Explain your recording process?

My recording process can always vary, but it’s usually done one of two ways. Some songs are written bar by bar over periods of days, where I’ll revisit the song with fresh ideas. Alternatively, other songs have been written and recorded on the spot directly after producing an instrumental. In both cases, I’ll often record alone in my home studio using Ableton Live 10. The more spontaneous songs can take anywhere up to 6-10 hours to finish in one sitting. Some full length projects such as Sagiquarius were recorded in one night, and mixed the next afternoon. All of my producing and vocal mixing is done in Ableton.

Strawberry Blonde releases 4/23/20


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