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Britney Spears - Blackout

This album brought a new meaning to pop music in the early 2000’s and for good reason. The first song alone (Gimme More) should be enough to let the listener understand that this album was a change in trajectory for the legendary pop star at the time, from “Piece of Me” telling a story about public humiliation when the paparazzi takes cheap shots on the streets that eventually will turn into a news story to “Break the Ice” which is such a well produced song that introduced a certain type of electro pop that nobody else was doing at the time in mainstream music. One of my personal favorites is “Freakshow” with a catchy and effective melody that serves as an ear worm just like most of the songs on Britney’s music library.

If you have never dug deep into a Britney Spears album, this would be the one I would recommend to listen to first. The album has Such a cohesive theme to it and the production is fairly different than the rest of her other projects and will help solidify her status as a pop legend.


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