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Brooklyn’s retro pop fused artist, MAK, has dropped the title track off of his EP Lucid Dream

Brooklyn’s retro pop fused artist, MAK, has dropped the title track off of his upcoming

EP Lucid Dream. With infectious melodies carried by trippy synths, the single paints the picture of rewriting a past relationship through a lucid dream. “Lucid Dream” is available to listen and download on streaming platforms worldwide. Produced by Yonatan Watts, “Lucid Dream” tells a longing story of yearning for a past lover through controlling the subconscious mind. “I got to play God for an hour,” says MAK of his lengthy lucid dream. The bright, hazy sound and retro synths combined with reflective and confessional lyrics create the song’s

enticing energy, leaving listeners eager for what’s next. “I was awake and knew that I was dreaming and I could control it. It was wild and I became fascinated by it,” says MAK. He combines influences of pop, R&B, and electro to make up his progressive pop sound. The genre fusion sets him apart from other current pop artists in the game. Growing up, MAK thrived in an array of hobbies. Sparking his musical interest at the young age of three

when he first learned piano, he nurtured his love for music by picking up the violin and joining his high school choir. Though he was the orchestra’s concertmaster, he simultaneously excelled in sports and was captain of the football team.

After building a career in London and New York City in the sports industry as a marketing and innovation executive, he fell into making music by accident. After teaming up with friend and producer Jared Feldman, MAK was hooked on how he sounded in a studio. This revelation led to the collaboration with producer Yonatan Watts to create his first EP, Gravity, released in April 2020. With a variety of inspirations from Guns N’ Roses to Timabaland to The Weeknd, MAK’s diverse music palate is a direct influence on his progressive sound. The result is a retro-future pop music that is

both nostalgic and forward thinking. His sophomore EP Lucid Dream is set to release later this year. There is no doubt MAK is set to lead the progressive pop movement with his retro-futuristic style. This head-bobbing, introspective single is just the beginning of the journey inside his dreaming mind that listeners will get to experience on his forthcoming EP. You can download or stream “Lucid Dream” now on streaming platforms worldwide. To keep up with his musical journey, follow MAK on social media


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