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Canadian Electropop Artist Melotika Is Giving You More With Her New Disco Pop Single ‘Crazy’

In her latest single ‘Beautiful Disguise’ that introduced her forthcoming album Dancing Without You, Melotika touched on feelings of heartbreak, self-reliance and what it’s like coming out of a toxic relationship. She breathes new life into older lyrics that still ring true for her today. Now, her follow up single ‘Crazy’ tells a deranged story about obsession and the craze behind falling in love with someone new. Melotika stays true to her off-putting statements revealing turbulent emotions often expressed through modern film, music and social media.

“I wrote this song 6 years ago. The original was a jam demo done with some musicians I met during my first Summer living in Toronto.” Melotika shares. “I still resonated so much with the lyrics and knew that I would definitely reproduce this once I finally get to establish myself as a recording artist.”

“‘No empathy for the one I call my own, now I’m stuck in this place all alone’ is the first line that ever gave me the cold shivers,” she adds. “At the time I had just moved to a big new city. Within a day the words were flowing on paper. I was sitting on my roommate's kitchen table with the task at hand to compose lyrics for a song that was passed down to me. This lyric describes a society that lost all sense of control and self-worth. It was definitely a transitional period in my life where I was getting to learn about myself more, and I couldn’t keep back from observing the world around me. Everyone seemed so obsessed and in their own head. With social media becoming huge, it was clear that the idea of connecting with one another changed drastically. People seem to have no remorse either for their wrongdoings. The world felt empty ironically while I was falling in love with someone new.”

The Montreal born artist fuses familiar retro sounds with a new school take on Pop. ‘Crazy’ combines the 80’s aesthetic, 70’s New Wave Disco and Electro Dance. “The idea was to keep my unconventional lyrics and create a Dance Pop track with a Nu-Disco vibe. A song that can just hit you. A song you can blast while walking down the street with headphones on. Kind of like Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees but a little more edgy and mysterious. I wanted to create that for people to feel empowered!”

“The making of the music video was a different experience. Due to budget and Covid-19 restrictions, my partner and I decided it would be best to take up music video making on our own.” Melotika shares. “We usually hire a videographer. We recently invested in a video camera and hit downtown Montreal to film the craziness! Everyone stopped to watch what I was up to and smiled. It was really cool to get out there and just make art.”

Dancing Without You followed 2018’s debut EP Unaware as well as several singles “Joyride” and “Bury The Bones.” She released multiple remixes of her songs that breathe new life into her work and take on a fresh style.

Starting April 9 2021, ‘Crazy’ will premiere and will be aired weekly on TMS Underground and Earshot Daily from Amplified Radio Network. The show will be broadcasted on stations such as CFRO 100.5 FM, CKDU 88.1 FM, CFRC 101.9 FM and Radio Webphré.

Melotika continues where she left off with the release of ‘Crazy.’ She calls this song the beginning of her new life while undertaking all of society's flaws and remaining true to herself


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