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“Chilombo (Deluxe)” by Jhené Aiko - Track by Track Review

Singer and rapper Jhené Aiko has released the deluxe version to her junior album “Chilombo”, which is one of the biggest albums of this year. I’m excited to listen to it because it’s my first time listening to Jhené and this album includes collaborations that I’m looking for.

Above and Beyond (Piano): Whoever had the idea to do a piano version of this track is a genius. I liked this track because it showed another side of Jhené, not every R&B singer does piano instrumentals.

Above and Beyond: I dig this version so hard, sorry to the piano version but this is way better. This is kind of the style I want Ariana Grande to dip in, it’s perfect.

B.S. (Remix) feat Kehlani: This song is such a vibe, I could listen to it a million times. I don’t get how the Kehlani version wasn’t originally released, Kehlani’s soft voice matched perfectly with Jhené.

All Good: I liked this track, it was laid back and repetitive, it wasn’t too obsequious. Jhené singing “All good, all good, all good, all good” was gorgeous, it was like she was there singing to me.

Come On: This was so sensual, I felt uncomfortable listening to it but I liked the track. Jhené, girl... you freaky.

On The Way feat Mila J: I found it smart how this is the second part or alternate version of pussy fairy. Mila J did good as the feature.

Tryna Smoke: Chris Brown... girl, seriously? Anyways, I love how Jhené just completely gets rid of the original feature, a remix is for musicians to take a spin on a song but sometimes the original feature prevents that from happening.

Down Again feat Wiz Khalifa: I loved Jhené and Wiz Khalifa harmonizing so much, they make a good duo. Jhené did again what bothers me, which is repetitive lyrics, they’re okay there and then but not in every song.

Summer 2020: Jhené’s also having a not so great summer, we have things in common. This song was good but not great, I liked it as an outro though.

For a deluxe version, this album was pretty good, Jhené didn’t just include remixes and live versions which is what most musicians do. Because of that I rate it a...


Listen to “Chilombo (Deluxe)” below:

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