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Christian Delvion is a 29 year old hip hop artist whose sound & upbringing embody the truth of new age musicianship. Originally born in Tulsa, Oklahoma & then raised in Windsor, Connecticut, Delvion took his musical talent from his father, and, after relocating to Tennessee and Georgia in his teen and adult years, has found comfort in fluidity as an artist and a person, an ode the many genres of music he was exposed to in his time up North and down South, respectively. Christian lists Kanye West, Drake, & Tupac as his primary inspirations, and this is noticeable in the detail he pays to his songwriting and the way it makes people feel. Delvion says that he feels his true purpose in music is to inspire & bring joy to others, as his own muses have done for him. Paying it forward is literally everything to this artist.


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