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“City On Lock” by City Girls - Track by Track Review

Miami rappers Yung Miami and JT have come back to the music scene with their new album “City On Lock” which was set to be released later on but was released last week due to it leaking. Today I’ll be doing a Track-by-Track review.

“Enough/Better”: Girl, this sounds a bit cheap. The transition from enough to better was undeniably the best part of the track. I heard several Nicki Minaj inspired bars on this track.

“Skit”: Whoever they sampled made me laugh. Not sure if this was the best audio to use as an interlude.

“Jobs”: The beat came in nicely. Yung Miami’s flow gave me Megan Thee Stallion vibes but it wasn’t an exact copy. JT’s first verse was what made me like this track.

“Broke N-word” with Yo Gotti: I liked Yo Gotti on this track, Yo Gotti might’ve served harder than the City Girls too. Hmm, I don’t know about this one. Yung Miami’s verse and the outro were everything.

“P*ssy Talk (feat. Doja Cat)”: Girlies, be careful that Azealia Banks could sue y’all for that track name. JT’s and Doja’s verses were fire! I admit that this song gets a bit repetitive, especially during the chorus.

“That Old Man”: Ester Dean's presence on this track was unexpected for me. I had seen people saying a Nicki Minaj remix to this song would be dope and I agree. Same as “Pussy Talk”, this song is repetitive.

“City On Lock (feat. Lil Durk)”: I like the details on this track, there are many vocals and lyrics in the background. Lil Durk’s feat was this album’s most unnecessary one. This song missed something, I didn’t get much from the City Girls.

“Winnin”: This track is probably this album’s most prominent song. When the Yung Miami’s verse started and everything just flowed flawlessly >>. JT ate here too.

“Come Outside”: This track is a bop! Beats/production, lyrics, flow are a 10/10. Not going to lie, they could’ve featured an artist in this song.

“Flewed Out” (feat. Lil Baby): I was wrong, Lil Baby has the worst feat, not Lil Durk. Is this Lil Baby’s song or what? This doesn’t seem like a City Girls song, it felt like a Lil Baby track feat City Girls.

“Rodeo”: “Ready to pop this p*ssy”, they trying to trigger Azealia, omg. The chorus is good because of the flow but the verses aren’t because they don’t use that flow that I love. I like these girls but why do they say “period” so much?!

“Double CC’s”: This track is confusing because the production is saying something but the rap is saying something else. Why do they switch their rhymes/flows so much? I be vibing to a rhyme/flow and they suddenly switch but they don’t do it like Nicki Minaj, Nicki has me already hooked on the next rhyme/flow.

“That’s My B*tch”: I wonder why many tracks of this album are so short. I’m getting tired of their style now towards the end of the album. I didn’t like this track much.

“Friendly”: This track’s meaning is so relatable. JT’s verse was a serve. I’m not into the “Halloween” “dark” vibed beats like the one featured in this track and in “Double CC’s”.

”Ain’t Say Nothing”: I’m glad to say this album has come to an end. The City Girls harmonizing, is not it. I get that most outros are calm as a sense of it coming to an end but this track was weak.

In conclusion, this album was good but not great. Many tracks had a wasted potential and that’s why I rate it a...


Listen to “City On Lock” below:

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