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common goldfish blends genres & eras in nostalgia revival track 'Tottenham Ritzy'

common goldfish, aka Jonty Lovell, makes a triumphant return to the music scene with 'Tottenham Ritzy,' a single that pays homage to London's early '80s and late '90s rave culture. This dynamic track immortalizes the iconic North London nightclub, capturing the infectious energy that once ruled dance floors nationwide. Inspired by hardcore DJ Slipmatt's reflections on the golden era, common goldfish seamlessly blends genres, creating a sonic tribute to a bygone era.

The music video for 'Tottenham Ritzy' takes viewers on a quest for the now-demolished nightclub, shot on VHS camcorders across iconic Tottenham locations. common goldfish collaborates with artist Dabieh, emphasizing the social and cultural significance of preserving UK nightlife. The visuals vividly portray the euphoria and unity that defined the dance floors of those earlier decades in London.

'Tottenham Ritzy' marks a compelling milestone for common goldfish, hinting at a promising future filled with collaborative and boundary-pushing releases. Don't miss common goldfish's live performance at London's Camden Assembly on December 12th for an electrifying showcase of music that transcends eras.

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