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COWZ unleash their new single 'Bad News'

Today, rising Brighton based alt-pop duo COWZ share their latest single ‘Bad News’. Comprised of artists Saga Wahlström and Natasha ‘Tasha’ Nicholl, COWZ have been developing a reputation for creating pleasingly chaotic alt-pop music, showcasing intricate production, catchy vocals and important social messaging. The project is available now on your streaming services.

“It’s very simple really - men always think they can get away with treating women like shit.  Bad News not only calls out abusers, but their friends and enablers. The people who excuse their bandmate because ‘he’s such a nice guy’, so therefore it must not be true, or should be excused. If as a man this triggers you, it’s probably a good thing because it means you should be watching your own behaviour, and gives you the opportunity to be honest with yourself about the type of people you surround yourself with. This song pretty much says ‘you are very stupid for thinking there are no consequences for your actions, and now I’m going to tell everyone what you did and I will end you” - Saga

'Bad News' is a scathing takedown of abusive men and the people that enable them. Inspired by the likes of Charli XCX and Ashnikko, COWZ are delivering a unique blend of hyperpop cut with an edgy, alternative flair which offers today’s generation music that is full of urgency and experimental qualities. 

Today’s release is the follow up track to the duo's debut single “Most Fun I’ve Had In Ages” and “Domination” in January, which resulted in them picking up reputable support in areas such as BBC Radio 1 ( Jack Saunders), Kerrang and Clout Magazine. With much anticipation and drive behind them, the pair gear up to the release of their debut EP ‘That’s Cute! Baby’ coming later this year. 

CLOUT - “The lyrics here are pointed and fierce while having the instantly endearing and playful edge that COWZ are growing known for, while the musical palette is packed full of neat sonic quirks and intricacies that makes for an engrossing and fun listen that never has a dull moment.”


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