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Crafting a brand of deeply intimate indie-folk, quinnie has picked up support from major blogs

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quinnie is a 21 year old folk artist. Writing songs since early childhood, quinnie began making and casually releasing DIY recordings of her music in high school. She attended one year of college, though dropped out after her freshman year and moved to LA to pursue music full time. quinnie’s music is executive produced by her best friend and roommate, Jake Weinberg. The comfort and familiarity of this process provides quinnie’s vulnerable and intimate lyrics a safe place to land, lyrics which are mostly written in the comfort of her own bed with her cat by her side.

Despite being inspired by folk, ambient, and pop artists alike, quinnie doesn’t have one word to define her music. However, she can promise you this: the music is sentimental and earnest, with a sprinkle of playfulness and a truckload of honesty. Having wanted to be a marine biologist for most of her childhood years, quinnie’s music is greatly inspired by a love for the underwater world. quinnie hopes her music has the capacity to transport you to an array of biomes, whether it be the lush deciduous forests of New Jersey, or the vibrant tide pools she loves to explore in California. Above all else, she wants you to find beauty in the details: a smooth stone from the beach or a bolt found on the ground. Magic is all around us, you just need to know where to look. quinnie just released her debut album in February called "flounder", which boasts breakout songs like "touch tank" and fan favorites like "man" and "get what u get". So far, quinnie has incited the applause of The New York Times, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, MTV, Ones To Watch, and more.

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