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Written Before Listen

CZARFACE is a hip hop supergroup consisting of producer 7L, rapper Esoteric and Wu-Tang Clans very own Inspectah Deck. MF DOOM I’m pretty sure needs no introduction at this point. This is not the first time they have collaborated either. In 2018, CZARFACE & MF DOOM teamed up to create CZARFACE MEETS METAL FACE. A project that in my opinion was one of the weaker projects I’ve heard from DOOM thus far. Unfortunately, I thought that project would wind up being his last due to the fact that he passed away on October 31, 2020. Both MF DOOM and Wu-Tang hold a very special place in my heart. Both are two of my favorite rap outfits of all time with Enter The Wu-Tang and Madvillainy being top 3 records of mine. A lot of other projects such as MM…FOOD, Operation Doomsday, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and Liquid Swords are also personal favorites of mine too. Despite all people partaking nearing 50 years of age (during the time of recording), it’s hard to think that they would just be anything but a former shell of their own selves. Let’s hope I get proven wrong.


You know right from the get go that every one partaking in this album is lyrical. Also knowing Inspectah Deck and MF DOOMs background, you know that they’re some of the best lyricists of all time. There is also Esoteric who is a Bostonian MC who actually stands his ground with the two previously mentioned lyrical heavyweights. You should automatically expect some good one liners, rhyme schemes and flows here. The only gripe on the lyricism is that it sounds a little too lyrical-miracle at points but other than that, it’s never a bad thing to be THIS lyrically skilled.


I think on a sonic aspect, the beats are very spacy and intergalactic. The whole aspect of both CZARFACE and DOOM are that they’re very inspired by comic books and the beats back it up well. The beats are adventurous, fictitious and retro. How do they do that? Well, a lot of the samples are bit crushed and the drums are usually kind of linear sounding. Sometimes the beats on here come off as half-effort but honestly, I think there production is the second best part of this album. The best is of course…


MF DOOM is someone who I’ve always been a huge fan of since I found out about him. Even in his final months, he was in tip-top shape. Songs like “Mando Calrissian”, “DOOM Unto Others”, “Break In The Action” and “So Strange” have some amazing DOOM verses in them. A problem I had with 2019’s “CZARFACE MEETS GHOSTFACE” is that Ghostface came off as disappointing. DOOM never disappoints on this album as he fits the production here nicely.


One thing that bothered me first look is the length of the album. Sure, there are a lot of great short albums. I even had a segment on my Spirit Of Radio podcast a while back talking about the greatest albums under 32 minutes or so. This album actually spans EP length. It spans 10 tracks (with one being an interlude) and 26 minutes which nearly spans half of the length of the first CZARFACE & DOOM collaboration. It’s honestly unfortunate because it really makes us wonder how great this would be if DOOM stayed alive.


It’s obvious that I think this album is too short. I also think some of Inspectah Deck’s verses don’t deliver with it’s full effort and potential. Like I said, It’s always a pleasure to hear DOOM on the mic but it doesn’t ignore the fact that this album is incomplete.


Yeah…I liked it. It’s easily in the bottom half of DOOMs main catalog although I did not expect this album to be as good as Mouse & the Mask or Vaudeville Villain. When it comes to CZARFACE, This is what’s expected;Futuristic production,one liners and good chemistry. To end it off, let me just say RIP MF DOOM.


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