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d4vd shares beautiful "My House Is Not a Home"

Today, 18-year-old superstar d4vd unveils his latest single “My House Is Not A Home.” Stream/download the track HERE and watch the accompanying music video HERE.

My House Is Not a Home” is a poignant, alternative ballad of loneliness—a story of leaving home,

moving to Los Angeles, and a strained relationship finally falling apart. It showcases his writerly eye for detail, with some of his most personal and vivid lyrics yet, and also his remarkable vocal range; he climbs to the very top of his register, singing in a falsetto that stops the listener in their tracks. 

The accompanying music video, directed by close collaborator Raheem Powell (@RAHEEMISBLIND), sees d4vd leaving the past behind as he strolls through a worn-in yet empty house, haunted by childhood trinkets; photographs that seemingly once teemed with life and joy.

On “My House Is Not A Home,” d4vd shares ‘My House Is Not A Home’ is an introspective track about how I viewed my life after moving to Los Angeles – the themes of falling in love with the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time are explored throughout the song, and how I navigate those situations are in the lyrics.”


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