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Deadbeat Girl shares intoxicating new single 'Who Are You?'

Deadbeat Girl’s slick new offering ‘Who Are You?’ arrives as a powerful reminder to always be your authentic self. Passionate and angsty, the new single is your chance to let your hair down and air out your frustrations. Sharing more, Val said: I started the song with a little random thought I had written in my notes app, “change myself for you,” and I decided to write a song about what it feels like to be in a relationship where you feel like you need to change who you are for the person you’re with. It’s about watching your partner, as well as yourself, change into a different person.

I think the best kinds of songs to listen to are the ones where you can just scream/belt out all of your anger and pain.’

Each Deadbeat Girl release sees Val Olson become more established as they find their feet as your new favorite artist. Maturing in real time, Who Are You? marks a milestone in their progression and confidence. Releasing fresh off the back of an electrifying performance at SXSW, the 20-year-old is quickly proving themself to be someone who is here to stay.

Earlier this year, Deadbeat Girl treated fans to grunge inspired ‘Everything You Wanted’.

 Born from the push and pull of a less than healthy relationship, the melancholic track arrived as an impressive response, marking the start of what looks to be a formative year in the rise of Deadbeat Girl.

The hotly tipped newcomer first turned heads back in February last year when they released their debut EP ‘What Will It Take?’. The record resonated with many as Deadbeat Girl shared their poignant journey of self acceptance and discovery through their music. They went on to release a handful of stand-out indie-alt moments over the year racking up over 4 million streams on Spotify alone. Not to mention a wealth of support at press with love from the likes of Clash, Kaltblut, Atwood Magazine, Ones To Watch, Them, Wonderland and more!

As well as growing their impressive solo catalog last year, Deadbeat Girl also treated fans to an outstanding collaboration with the buzzy and brilliant Ari Abdul. Make Me Cry was a dazzling dose of dark alt-pop which came out back in August. DIY Magazine described the collaboration as working ‘so seamlessly it’s as if they were a permanent duo.’. 

In addition to the release, Deadbeat Girl also joined Ari Abdul on her huge world tour, which saw them wow audiences in Paris, Toronto, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam the UK and more. 

Born and bred in South Florida, 20-year-old artist and producer Deadbeat Girl gravitated towards their parents' record and CD collection from a young age. Falling in love with the grunge movement of the nineties and alternative rock ballads of the early 2000’s. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Foo Fighters, and Death Cab For Cutie were on constant replay in their childhood home. 

Over time, modern day musicians helped shape their sound like Girl In Red, Day Wave, Arlo Parks and Billie Eilish.  Alongside establishing themself as a songwriter, they also found a passion for music production, studying the works of Finneas, Tyler The Creator, and Day Wave. All of which became an integral part of Deadbeat Girl’s life soundtrack. 

Despite it still being early days for Deadbeat Girl, things are already falling into place and as their adoring fan base continues to grow and relate. There was a time where Val was unsure if they would ever be able to be their true self, but today they stand as a testament to how much things can change. Striving to be the representation they needed, their music promotes a fearless and defiant message of unconditional acceptance and self-empowerment, making a safe space for anyone who wants to plug in and play Deadbeat Girl

At their core, Deadbeat Girl is “not just a musician, but a lover of music.”

Keep all eyes on Deadbeat Girl; Instagram / Tiktok / Spotify


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