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"Our music is a mix of indie/emo/punk/folk music if that makes sense"

BIRCHES band formed in Ireland with a unique mix of folk rock sounds with very uptempo progressions and vocal leads. Their new single "BE UNKNOWN" features indie emo vibes inspired by 00s and 70s rock all in one gumbo.


What inspired the formation of "Birches" and the band name?

"We all come together from Armagh/Tyrone meeting at Armagh Tech. We all from the middle of nowhere and there are just forest after forest around were we grew up, so when originally name of the band I wanted it to be 'Trees Breath' the boys liked 'Birches' and we are democracy and so were called 'Birches'"

Any upcoming music/videos?

"We released our most recent song/music video 'BE UNKNOWN' nearly a month ago to great reception from all our fans. We also have music ready for the new year."


How would you describe the kind of music you’re making?

"Our music is a mix of indie/emo/punk/folk music if that makes sense. We have been making music for years all separately been working with different genres. This is a imagination of all to the work we've done as we all have different tastes. "

Who are some artist that inspire you guys?

"We take from all the music we listen to wether that's from Eagles to My Chemical Romance to Fred Again... We look at all music as inspiration doesn't matter if it's DnB to Jazz to Emo, we take everything we listen to and go why does that slap so hard and can it make our music slap as hard."

Any tours/shows coming up?

"We have show which will be myself and Jordie in London in the 14th of January at the Finsbury Pub. And we are also playing in Glasgow on the 7th of April."



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