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Discover Weekly* Eugenia Post Meridiem

Indie/Soul/funk/psychedelic band led by Eugenia's unique vocals creating a completely innovative sound.

Eugenia Post Meridiem formed in 2017 when Eugenia (voice, guitar) with Matteo (bass), Giovanni (guitar, keys) and Matteo (drums, percussion). With tracks like "willpower" Each adding influence to the table, merging psychic and soulful sounds. Throughout the project you get a taste of Eugenia's beautiful soft vocals that go perfect with the soulful production.


How did Eugenia Post Meridiem come to form?

"Eugenia Post Meridiem has been active with these members since February 2018. The concept, the core aesthetic and the artistic urgency came from Eugenia Fera who’s the singer, the writer of the lyrics and, in some cases, especially for the first album, the songwriter. The other members are Matteo Gherardi (drums, keys), Giovanni Marini (guitar, organ) and Matteo Traverso (bass, bass synth). All of the members have different musical backgrounds and different musical interests: e.g. hip-hop, soul, jazz, electronic music, psychedelic"

How would you all describe the sound of music you all create?

"iridescent and liquid but also focused in all its essence"


What inspired “like I need a tension”?

"Well, differently from the first one named “In her bones”, this second album was a puzzle of different ideas that each one of us wrote down during winter 2020. Then the following summer we rented a barn in the North of Italy's countryside, a safe space where to put all the ideas together. The process was tough and there were plenty of misunderstandings. One year later we recorded the album and after that Eugenia came out with the idea to call the album “like I need a tension”, underlining and putting in a phrase an existential need of some kind of discomfort to be used as a creative source."

What was the recording process like?

"We recorded it in our rehearsal room in Genova. We divided our studio with two other bands. The guitarist of one of them is a really good sound engineer, so we decided to ask him to produce and record our album. The outcome was a happy surprise for all of us."



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