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DMX was a rapper from Yonkers New York. He came into the rap scene in a particular time. His debut was released a little over a year after the death of Biggie which was usually related to the death of 2Pac months earlier. DMX was a person who I’ve known about forever but didnt really get into his music until 8th grade. I’m not going to act like I was the biggest fan of DMX but when I discovered him, “It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot” was an album that i listened to a quality amount. After a couple years of not listening to it, I revisited it last summer. I wasn’t as crazy about it this time around but the songs that stuck to me still hit. Knowing about DMXs personal life, I wasn’t surprised to hear about his overdose but it was still sad. Unfortunately on April 9,2021, DMX passed away due to a heart attack and overdose. To celebrate his life, I decided to review in my opinion his best album, “It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot”


So the hype behind this album all started with the promotional singles. “Get At Me Dog” was a brag rap track that started DMXs career and is one of my personal favorites from him. The B-side “Stop Being Greedy” is a very underrated track from him which shows him talk about his two-sided personality over one of my favorite beats DMX has rapped over. We also got the smooth and bouncy “Hows It Going Down” and of course the anthem of the album, “Ruff Ryders Anthem”. Those four tracks alone can show you how much versatility DMX had with his style plus how impactful he will be in the future.


If you know DMX, is style is unaprolligetically his. His aggressive flow, his gruff voice and anthemic adlibs. His topics also has some symbolic meaning with the symbol of the dog always showing up in his music. Sure people influenced his sound such as 2Pac, Onyx, and Ice Cube but the people that were influenced by DMX result in a higher number than the people that influenced him.


DMX was not the most stylistically diverse but topically he wasn’t a one trick pony. With a song like the horrific “X Is Coming”, we have songs like “Damien” where its all about being persuaded by an evil guardian angel that you need to trust. We then get a track about loyalty in women on “Hows It Going Down”. With every anthemic track we have tracks like “Let Me Fly”, “I Can Feel It” and “The Convo” where he gets introspective through conversing with god or writing poetic verses. We also get a song like “Crime Story” where the title basically tells you what its about. Its a crime story and a good one at that. The beat is catchy and DMX flows on it delivering this vivid story. We also get a 2 minute prayer on the album and in my knowledge, I’ve never heard a hip hop album before that which had a prayer in it. DMX was a man of many stories and this album proves it.


In the 90s hip hop scene and especially in New York, hip hop was all about rhyme schemes, drum breaks and the gritty street life. Artists like Wu-Tang, Big L and Mobb Deep were the main focus in New York. Then there was X, a dude with a tight flow, drum machine beats that weren’t sample based and a simplistic vocabulary and rhyme scheme. Was that bad? No. Not at all. If anything, it was the step in the right direction. Sure it Brought the 50 Cents in the world but also a chance that people like Pusha T and Lil Wayne (who were less about rhyme schemes and loose flows but more about how the lyrics were delivered) could get successful in the rap game. DMX wasn’t the first to do that because we did have the Mobb Deeps and the Snoop Doggs but DMX was one of the most unique people to be characterized in that category.


Im not going to compare DMX to other rappers. Im going to compare this album to another album. This was kind of like what “Appetite For Destruction” was to rock. People like Mase and Diddy were taking over the rap scene with the bling rap they were doing just like how Motley Crue and Poison were the main focus back in those days. Just like DMX, Guns N Roses had the mainstream appeal with their production, look and structure that lead their mainstream success, but their aggression and background lead the future of their respective scene to go for a less glamorous direction. Its also worth mentioning that both Dmx and Axl Rose both have some iconic voices. I dont know about you but it makes perfect sense to me.


Rest In Peace DMX man…he was one of the most unique rappers of all time. Let me be clear that I’m not the biggest fan of the album out there. I like and enjoy this album and I suggest you listen to it but in respect to his family, I will not give this album a score. I just wanted to tell you how important to the game he was and how this album started it all. Once again, Rest In Peace to DMX. You’ll forever be missed

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Cody Knox
Cody Knox

Rip to a great! Great Review

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