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“Eyes Cold” by LUPE from upcoming album “Dark Room”

LUPE – “Eyes Cold” from upcoming album “Dark Room”.

Lupe - Eyes Cold (Official Lyric Video)

(Watch it here)

Vocalist, composer, and vocal coach Michalis Latousakis, also known as Lupe, was born in 1991 in Athens, Greece. Lupe’s first step into the music industry was the formation of Mosquito in 2014, a gothic rock band, releasing the “Colorless” demo (2014). and its debut album, entitled “Interlacing Eternity” (2017), via the Brazilian label, Deepland Records.

In 2019 he created his solo project and released the debut album, “Burn”, via Alcyone Records. Apart from his solo project, Lupe, in cooperation with Efraimia, has just released the debut EP, “Leyes” (2020), with their newly formed, neoclassical darkwave duet project, Onism.

Currently, the Greek vocalist is completing his second solo album, under the title “Dark Room”, which is due to be released on May 2021. Both of Lupe’s solo albums are based on improvisation, spontaneity and the pure expression of thoughts and feelings, standing within the borders of gothic/darkwave - however, you'll sense a lot of other genres as well!

In “Dark Room” is included the song “Eyes Cold”.

Single “Eyes Cold” is available on Distrokid.

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