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Flora by Borg’s

I spend a lot of time commuting. For whatever reason I’m always on a bus or a train or a tuk tuk or straddled over my trusted wobbly legged donkey, Gary. For many humans/ humanoids (you know who you are) these daily trips are a form of gruel, swallowing down something that you hate but you just know you have to gulp it down to survive, and that outlook is humanely understandable.

The thing is, I tried to change that view a while ago and whilst it was bloody hard it was made a thousand times easier by songs like this.

What a wonderful beat this is, it is calmness inducing. A soft, warm, repeating piano melody reaches out to you like an outstretched hand helping your frail body across an uneven zebra crossing. The rhythm section is subtle but clear as a cloudless sky, it sits gently knocking your ears into a massaged like state of bliss.

The kinda jazzy outro is a an unexpected but thoroughly welcome surprise, like finding a Tunnocks Teacake at the bottom of an otherwise baron biscuit box. This kinda unpredictability is quite unique in this world of beats and it is something to be treasured. Check oot Flora by Borg’s right here


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