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fresh picks. The Black Creatures

Straight out of Kansas City, The Black Creatures release

their new single “CRIMINAL” on July 8th via Center Cut Records with a music video releasing

July 22nd, 2022!

CRIMINAL is the latest single from Midwest darkpop duo, The Black Creatures. A somber and

sobering melody, CRIMINAL delivers The Black Creatures’ heartfelt passion with unadulterated

steely intensity. From their upcoming sophomore album “BY THY HAND” with Center Cut

Records, CRIMINAL is the third single after “LOUD 4 NOTHIN” was released at the end of May.

Mastered by Collin Jordan (Xiu Xiu, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco), the single features the

compelling beats, stunning vocals, and insightful lyrics displayed on their previous album, “Wild

Echoes,” while taking on unexpected new twists and turns.

Xavier on inspiration regarding the themes within CRIMINAL: “If anyone can be declared a

criminal at any time, it's only a matter of time before it's any one of us. Who would accept those

terms? So, we took inspiration from an anime called “Akudama Drive” and preemptively took the

declarations proudly. I'm a killer, a hitter, a dealer, a stealer. I'm a criminal.”


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