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Written Before Listen

This is technically my second Gunna review, but my first review of one of his solo works. I was never the biggest fan of Gunna but I do get the hype. I do think he’s an important part of the melodic trap scene that’s all over the waves but when it comes to that, I think Polo G and even Juice WRLD are two more entertaining rappers, but without further ado, let’s get into it.


The main aspect that people love about Gunna is that he has bouncy production. Most of the time, that’s true, but this time around the beats get extremely stale by the tail end of the album. When Gunna goes on a good beat, his music is pretty good, but there wasn’t a track that got me in a good vibe. I do think some of the 80s samples on “Livin wild” and “You & Me” were nice and some of the beats Wheezy made were pretty good, but Gunna fails to find good beats for this album.


God the features were bad, but the worst part of it is that they still somehow outperformed Gunna. Both Young Thug features and Future features are just the two rappers pushing under their weight. Lil Baby and Gunna are good to see again but the mix of the song is awful. G Herbo sounded like he wasn’t anywhere, Chris brown did his usual Chris brown, Kodak came and went and 21 Savage was pushing under his weight. As you can see, there were no features that saved or redeemed this album.


A lot of complaints that Gunna gets are mainly due to his delivery. His delivery on nearly every track is very humdrum and monotonous. He also isn’t lyrical enough but to me, that’s not a problem. The delivery on the other hand is. After track 7 or 8, Gunna just gives up. Gunna occasionally delivers an energetic flow but most of the time, he just raps gradually on the beat and calls it a day.


Ok….why is this album nearly an hour? I had to listen to an hour of Gunna. Even if I was in the mood for Gunna it would be too much Gunna. It honestly got more challenging to listen to, especially in the end where the song lengths went to 4-5 minutes. This was not tolerable at all.

Favorite Tracks

Luckily our of the 19 tracks, there were a couple of highlights. The opening track was pretty good. I also think “alotta cake” was a reckless trap banger and so was “south to west”. Other than that, Gunna disappoints.


It’s not like this album was terrible, but it’s nothing I will return to at all. Nothing stood out lyrically other than the Freddie Gibbs bar and the production was underwhelming too. This was just kinda bad.


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