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Help Yourself by ONG!

Glasgow-based singer/songwriter Owen Gibson debuts his new solo project ONG! with ‘Help Yourself,’ a synth-pop extravaganza paying tribute to the nonchalance of falling in love and the warmer summer days.

‘Help Yourself’ marks the first of several singles by ONG! due later for release later in the year. Jumping on the fashionable trend of at-home production, Gibson independently produced and recorded ‘Help Yourself’ from his bedroom, with the final Mix and Master by Gareth Gwyn. This gives the track a very interesting sound - combining 80s style synths which hail back to works by OMD and Erasure, with tropes of more recent pop music; including various ‘cartoon-esque’ sound effects, and intricate orchestral arrangements. Lyrically, the track takes the listener directly through feelings of lust, anxiety, and doubt, which coupled with the production creates a feeling of pure bliss, as well as nostalgia for summer days since gone.

Artist Bio

ONG! is the front for Glasgow-based Singer/Songwriter Owen Gibson’s solo project. After several years of writing and performing as an acoustic artist, Owen has spent the last two creating and finessing a more lively and upbeat sound, taking influence from icons such as Robyn, Sigrid, and Kate Nash. Combining melancholic ‘tongue-in-cheek’ lyrics with the charm and clumsiness of his at-home production, Gibson fashions his own ‘DIY-Pop’ style which will familiarise the listener with his various idiosyncrasies, and leave them eager for what more is to come in 2022.

From Owen

‘Help Yourself’ is a love song, but I like to think in a slightly non-conventional way. I wrote it in summer 2020 during lockdown, taking heavy inspiration from Taylor Swift’s 1989. I wasn’t initially convinced it was fit for release until I found the chorus stuck on repeat in my head whilst I was at work.

My favourite lyric in the entire song is ‘Owen, don’t you cross the line!’ - not only does it really channel the overall theme of the lyrics, but I personally like to think of it as my Miley Cyrus moment, similar to how she addresses herself in ‘We Can’t Stop’.

I really hope you love this song as much as I do.


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