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“Ho, why is you here” by Flo Milli - Track by Track Review

Up and coming rapper Flo Milli has released her debut mixtape “Ho, why is you here?”. I’ve only listened to one song of hers which is “Beef FloMix” but I’m excited to see what she has to deliver.

Mood Everyday (Intro): Good intro, wish it transitioned onto the next track, like Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica II” to “911”.

Beef FloMix: What a classic, this song is truly what started the fancam trend. Love the lyrics to this track, they’re genius and make you feel like a baddie.

Like That Bitch: The intro reminded me of “Sally Walker” by Iggy Azalea and “Money” by Cardi B but it’s okay because they’re produced by J. White Did It. The only thing about this track is that it’s a bit repetitive but Flo Milli snapped with the lyrics.

In the Party: Flo Milli’s flow used in this track reminded me immensely of “Beef FloMix”, I hope she can switch up flows. This song was also repetitive like “Like That Bitch” but I enjoyed “Like That Bitch” more.

Pockets Bigger: I liked this track but it wasn’t anything special, when you’re an upcoming artist you need to be unique. The voice change was something I liked, it caught my attention.

Weak: I liked the name dropping, shows Flo Milli is unapologetic in a way. That chorus, exactly!

Send the Addy: I don’t know how to explain it but, this track seemed like a structure-less track, that would usually not be a good thing for me but I didn’t have a problem with it here. The productions keep snapping, they fit Flo Milli’s voice and lyrics.

19: I didn’t necessarily like the oriental production, what was that? From what I’ve listened to, I wish Flo Milli would dive into more personal problems, most of her lyricism seems like bragging.

May I: Enjoyable track. I liked Flo Milli’s flow in this track, it was dope.

Pussy Cat Doll: I’m getting tired of the intro, chorus, verse 1 structure, Flo Milli could switch it up. I’m genuinely curious to know what being a pussy cat doll has to do with not answering.

Not Friendly: The Caribbean influenced production fit Flo Milli really good. This was the first track of this album that I noticed to be long compared to how short the other tracks are.

Scuse Me: The “‘Scuse me bitch” can get very tiring, it doesn’t make the track more catchy at all. Not sure if this was the best track to close the album but it leaves a mark on you.

In conclusion, this album was good but there’s a long road ahead for Flo Milli, she’s missing things. Even though I liked it, I’m going to rate it a...


Listen to “Ho, why is you here?” below:

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