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An escapist dream comes true when Danish musician, producer and songwriter, Markus Artved, debuts with the Honey Hideout-single, 'Goodbyes'. The gently rocking psychedelic pop tune is out December 8th.

Markus Artved has been a creative soul his entire life. Eventually, a formative trip to the States in 2022 captured a repressed spirit and opened up the opportunity to cultivate his own personal and existential thoughts. A small musical cosmos that is now expressed in Honey Hideout.

The musical palette is rich, varied and detailed. The core of Honey Hideout is hand-played, analogue and free, inspired by the psychedelic pop heroes of the 60s and 70s. And the debut single, 'Goodbyes', may sound like a trip down the West Coast of the USA but it was the North Sea, at home, that got Markus Artved thinking…


"My family has an old, remote cottage by the North Sea – as far from Copenhagen on the map, as you can possibly get. I've come here every summer since I was a kid and it’s like being in the middle of nowhere, yet it feels like the center of the world - at least for a few weeks at a time. It's a place to reset, like finding a “secret” dune on the beach, where nature and the moment merge. This is where 'Goodbyes' was written as an escapist dream come true," Markus Artved says.


In many ways, 'Goodbyes' was an eye-opener for the self-proclaimed workaholic. The project represents the epitome of Artved’s musical passion and Honey Hideout is his artistic endeavor - an amalgamation of genres like indie, psych pop and jazz resonating through emotions and nostalgia.


Markus Artved has many facets. Most recently, he produced the singles 'Wish You Were Here' and 'Home Movies' by the Danish international pop star, Lukas Graham, featuring Khalid and Mikey Guyton. Markus has also worked with several up-and-coming artists from the Nordics, while he is critically acclaimed for his sound design and music for theater and plays on some of the most prominent stages of Denmark.


'Goodbyes' will be released via The Orchard and Honey Hideout has more to come in 2024.

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