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8 Best Spotify Playlists Right Now

Searching the vast world of music discovery on streaming services is difficult , but Spotify has invested in its playlist curation—helping the curious listener find their way in the musical wilderness.


Every week, 247OTB.COM updates Best New Music playlist with the latest highlights from the world of hip-hop, R&B, and pop. The playlist accompanies our weekly Best New Music column, which provides deeper insight behind each of the songs. To stay in the loop on all the new releases each week, follow the playlist on Spotify here!

New Music Friday by Spotify

There are a bazillion artists putting out premium product right now, and unless you’re in college taking a single ballroom dancing class with nothing but free time sandwiched around it, it’s impossible to keep up. Fortunately, Spotify updates its New Music Friday playlist every week, so you can keep up with the hip youths when they inevitably steal your aux cord.

wRap Caveat

This constantly-updated playlist is put together by music journalist extraordinaire (Afropunk, Pitchfork, NPR Music, etc.) Timmhotep Aku. He describes it as the “best new rap songs from established artists and many more breakthrough artists/artists on the verge”—which, as playlist descriptions go, is pretty dead-on. As of this writing, the list spans everyone from Wiz Khalifa to Quelle Chris to Tree to $not, with plenty of other artists you’ve likely never heard of


The best and upcoming lofi producers all packed in one playlist! This playlist has some lush soulful upbeat sounds that are perfect for studying a work place or even just a coffee binge.

Pigeons & Planes Weekly

If you're looking for a constantly-updated playlist that focuses on music discovery from all genres, the staff at Pigeons & Planes have you covered. Pigeons & Planes Weekly is the only place you'll find Billie Eilish next to Kodak Black next to international newcomers like Busu. Each week, you'll encounter a fresh mix of the newest sounds from familiar faces paired with addictive songs from exciting new artists you've never heard of.


Over and hour of the best lofi sounds created by Submissions range from twitter, instagram, and reddit. This playlist is designated for upcoming producers and beat makers. From artist like Cody Knox, RSR Beats, and more

Fresh Finds

There are a million ways to discover new artists, but those who want to let the music come to them will love Fresh Finds, one of Spotify’s biggest and best playlists for showcasing emerging talent. With everything from stripped-down R&B to lo-fi psych rock to sprawling, impressionistic electronica, Fresh Finds is the perfect place to uncover new talent, and then tell your friends you totally didn’t first hear them on a Spotify playlist.

Dazed’s The Only Tracks You Need to Hear

U.K. magazine Dazed has always taken a singular and culturally conscious approach to their music coverage, making their monthly playlist a perfect way to not only stay on the cutting edge, but also discover artists with different identities, perspectives, and influences. The playlist blends neon lights A-listers like Lana Del Rey and Lil Wayne with ascendant talent like atmospheric South London singers Greentea Peng and Tara Lily—the latter of whom combines jazz and grime into a concoction far more enticing than whatever you’re imagining right now.


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