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Hyperlink : Producer Series [Q&A]

Who are your favorite producers?

"Madlib, Kanye, RZA, Alchemist, Dilla, all the usual suspects. Those guys showed me how to sample and how deep it goes. But even weirdos like JPEGMAFIA and electronic producers like Daft Punk and Autechre. And everyone who’s ever made vaporwave."

Check Out Hyperlink! "Lysergic Loops [Full Album]" Below

Which Software do you use to create?

"Right now it’s just me chopping up samples on Ableton using my Push 2."

Check Out his 2019 release, (Preparation H) Below

What can we expect from you as far as new music?

"New beat tape “Bugged Out!” very soon! Some of my craziest shit yet!"

Hyperlink is featured on "These Days... Volume 1"

Give us one Quarantine Tip for these times?

"YouTube is your best friend, trust me."

Follow Hyperlink @hyp3rlink


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