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Albanian singer/songwriter and fashion designer IBRO DELI, makes a comeback in the music scene after a three year interruption with his audacious song “Gati”. IBRO has a tendency to mix genres such as Hip-Hop, Afro, Dancehall and explore new sounds The 23 year-old was born and raised in Prishtina, Kosovo, a small country, known for being a breeding ground for international talents such as Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Era Istrefi, Stanaj, Action Bronson and more recently Njomza and GASHI just to name a few. IBRO DELI is the most anticipated up-and-coming artist in the Albanian music scene and is currently focused on releasing new records that he’s been preparing for the past few years.

Describe your new single “Hini Hini”

“Hini” is one of the chillest song I’ve ever made. As an artist I always want to explore, I don’t wanna commit to any genre. My passion is to mix them, to merge them. “Hini” is an afroswing vibe and I use so many metaphores. Is interesting the merge of Albanian & English in one track which personally I think It sounds nice.

What inspires you to create in music/fashion?

When someone asks me this question I always want to dig deeper. It’s always the same thing with everything I do. Is just about being free, expressing emotions through something ; music, fashion, pictures, drawings etc.

Who are you favorite musical artist/ fashion icons?

Is so hard to put them all in one place because they’re so different from each other, that explains my personality in my arts. Starting from Timbaland, ZHU, Peggy Gou, Kanye West. I think is something we all have in common. To break the rules of what society thinks is good.

Shout out any new projects or any upcoming videos/projects

Fresher than ever, I’m inspired more than ever. I’m so glad that I’m working with one of the best producers in Kosovo BeatsBled he is amazing he knows how to convert the exact ideas into melody’s so I’m already preparing something else.




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