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🎸Izzy S.O shares shimmering new single 'Refuse'🎸

Today Izzy S.O reveals her gorgeous new single ‘Refuse’

Tender vocals and shimmering guitars take flight as Izzy S.O delves into the complexities of heartache and what comes after. Dripping in angsty nostalgia, ‘Refuse’ is an anthemic dose of 90’s inspired, guitar-laden magic. 

Sharing more behind the single, Izzy explained: ‘I wrote Refuse last January from a future perspective, as if I was trying to guide myself out of the chaos and ahead to a time where I felt stronger and things made more sense. 

Releasing it a year later, it’s clear how healing time can be and I have found so much more peace and clarity now. You’re stronger than you think, find that strength within yourself so that you are your baseline, it’s dangerous to be dependent on other people for your happiness.

Refuse is here as the follow-up to Izzy S.O’s sophomore EP ‘Silly Me’ which came out back in November last year. The impressive 5-track body of work was a powerful coming of age moment that scooped much support amongst tastemakers. Ones To Watch described it as a ‘is a sonic rampage through adolescence’ whilst Clash magazine made comparisons of’ prime Garbage singles, or even Alanis Morrisette’, putting the London-based youngster in the spotlight as a talent to watch. 

Born in the West Midlands, Izzy S.O was raised in a creative household with plenty of space for musical expression. As a huge lover of books, she naturally gravitated towards poetry writing as a creative catharsis. Later this evolved into a natural talent for lyricism and over the pandemic she had the opportunity to develop herself sonically with producer Dustin Dooley. 

Fast forward to today, Izzy has found her feet as an emerging artist bursting with potential. With two brilliant EP’s out in the wild, Izzy has cemented her sound which toes a line between pop-rock and indie with nods towards grunge. She’s scooped support from the likes of Clash, Ones To Watch, Fizzy Mag, Noctis, A1234 and not to mention multiple plays on Radio 1 and BBC Introducing

Pulling inspiration from the female greats such as Alanis Morisette, Mazzy Star and Avril Lavigne, Izzy’s authentic expression and gift for storytelling has been winning hearts since she launched. ‘I hope that my music can help people in the ways that songs have helped me in the past.’

With ‘Refuse’ the first offering of many to come this year and more live show dates to follow, Izzy S.O is definitely someone to get behind. 

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