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🔥Izzy S.O shares stellar sophomore EP 'Silly Me'🔥

Today’s EP drop follows Izzy S.O’s most recent single ‘Would We Make It’, an emotive and reflective track displaying Izzy’s impressive vocal talent. With two other stand-out releases teased earlier this year; ‘Silly Me’ & ‘Without You I Don’t Like Sundays’, Izzy has been pinning herself as an artist to watch. Since the record's title track Silly Me came out back in August, the rising artist has scooped much support from the likes of Clash magazine, Noctis, Fizzy Mag, A1234, Ones To Watch and more!

Growing Pains, brand new today, was written in a hotel room in Copenhagen at 2am. Stunning vocals and honest, raw songwriting make it a stellar addition to her dreamy second EP. Sharing more Izzy said; I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep so tried to meditate and then a huge wave of emotion hit me and it felt like I was facing myself properly for the first time since going through a break up. It was finally admitting to myself all the ways I hadn't been real in the relationship and how that lack of honesty ended up making me hurt someone I loved.

It’s not a song about a break up - it’s a song about growing up and the fear that can come with that. It’s letting go of the pressure I had put on myself since I was sixteen - it was really facing myself without the other attachments - friendships, relationships, my career.

Also out today is catchy and powerful ‘Do I Make You Feel Alive Yet’. A sex positive track pushing back against the judgment women often receive for promiscuity. Taking ownership of her sexuality is a freeing and important stance for Izzy to take. Sharing more, Izzy said: - I grew up feeling an element of shame around sex and promiscuity, I felt a real pressure to be perfect and I was sold the narrative that ‘ giving myself away’ to boys would make me less than that.

Born in the West Midlands, Izzy S.O was raised on a diet of musical expression and creativity. Originally turning to poetry as her creative outlet, she began processing her emotions and experiences into a more digestible art form. This later transcended into songwriting, which during the pandemic, evolved further as she began working with producer Dustin Dooley. It was then Izzy cemented her sound which today toes a line between alt-pop and pop-rock and indie. Pulling inspiration from the female greats such as Alanis Morisette, Mazzy Star and Avril Lavinge, Izzy’s authentic expression and rich emotive songwriting is the perfect soundtrack to heal to.

With a bright future bursting with potential and a number of captivating live shows, Izzy S.O is definitely an artist to keep all eyes on.

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