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j a n a s by S h a r d a n a

I’ve a soft spot for ridiculousness in fiction. Any day of the week I’d choose Jurassic Park 3 over The Godfather 2, Lost over Breaking Bad, The Bible over Lord of the Rings, and when it comes to books I’m a super sucker for the made up, crazy bat shit madness of Murakami Haruki.

Thing is when I read mental books like the ones by Murakami, I need to listen to the type of music that can take me away to that universe, place me in the buildings the characters inhabit, sit me at the bus stops where they wait, help me kill their cats, collect their souls and make a magic flute, you following me?

Well, this elegantly, played dreamy joy is just that one sort of special beat. The kind of beat that I need to whisk me away and put me right into the crumpled pages of a heavily thumbed paperback.

The song is primarily made up of interlacing guitar melodies and they are just lovely. They wind in and out of each other like vaselined up snakes of the night. They are also infectiously catchy, your mind is never quite sure which one to settle on, this provides the beat with a hidden depth. A depth that means you can listen to it multiple times (I have, 42 at the time of counting) while never getting the slightest bit bored.

When the drums drop out around the middle, a delicately but beautifuly played piano tries to steal the thunder from those slippy, seductive guitar snakes. The snakes however, are having none of it and they return to lift us up and carry us joyfully to the end of our dreamy ride through another world. Check out janas by S H A R D A N A here


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